Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yayy thats it over for a week...!!

Fridays class was the melt art workshop and we had a packed class. Here's Sharon, Carol and Barbara.

Sara, and Sue

Sue, Kay and Lynn

and Kirsty, Diane and Sarah.

The class was fab even though Diane tried to Ultra Thick one of her boobs..!!!Yes really, haven't a frikkin clue what she was doing lol.
Friday is one of the days that Maisie stays and yesterday the girlies came for tea as well. I know Jay, our resident bit of glamour, likes to be cutting edge but I think this look is a bit too way out even for me..!!!
I think Maisie thought the same as she didn't want to focus when she took this photo..!!!
And look at this...Yes its Maisies first proper bike.. She had our Tom running up and down the street like a man demented . She is soooo fast and doesn't half get the streamers blowing in the wake.

Then me and Maisie had a girlie night. We went holiday shopping in Matalan where she acquired a dress ring, golden bangles, a dolphin watering can (yes really) and 3 footballs. Oh yes she knows how to work Mama..!! We met Bezzie Su in Sainsburys where she was returning a piece of wood that her daughter nearly swallowed in a can of kidney beans.!?! We then went home for some sticking and gluing and a long warm soak in the bath. Then it was back in the car to pick her Dad up from his night out, who then decided that he needed to go to Asda. Oh yes, it had to be that minute, no other time would do. Maisie was mortified that she was going to be seen out in her pyjamas, but was bribed with the promise of a new magazine. So that was that, 10.15 me and Maisie crashed out. Thats the life in a Friday night these days.!!
Today's class was the canvas created with Claudines paints. Always one of my favourite workshops... This is the main reason why I love it...

And here's the finished canvas's.
Michelle, Jan and Issy.

Kate, Tara and Lorraine.

Aren't the canvas's fantastic..??? I love the fact that they all turn out so different.
Here's some more queens for the challenge.
The first is from Chris, 2 more pages in her queen journal, in homage to my little excursion.

And here's Kate's. Proving she can do something in less than 3 weeks, lol. Hop over to her blog to see close ups pf her fabby work. HERE

And this little beauty from Dawn, the cheeky bugger.!!
Ha ha that is soooo hilarious.....
Ok so now onto my news. I went into the travel agents yesterday and booked a holiday. Yes just like that. And I am going - wait for it - to Egypt, lol, just for a change. I love it there, it is,
a. red hot
b. 5 star
c. all inclusive
d. red hot
e. not many kids
f. red hot...!!!
I have decided to go on my own, I really need to rest and recharge my batteries. The plan is to read and sleep all day, and to art journal and paint all evening. My Ipod will be permanently stuck in my ears so that I don't have to make any polite conversation with anyone, ha ha . I am the most unsociable person on holiday. I don't want to talk to anyone at all, how bad is that..?? lmao. So at the moment my suitcase consists of 10 novels, paints, pastels, journals, book pages, gel medium, lisas altered art images, sun screen, and after sun,. Which doesn't leave a lot of room for much else. Maybe 7 bikinis, 2 kaftans, flip flops and 3 overdresses. That,ll do it..!!!
Right I am off round to bezzie Sus for a cuppa and some rhubarb crumble. Whey hey..!!! See you later..I,m around tomorrow and then that's it. So get your queens in and we,ll judge when I get home.
Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

I love the idea of crafty supplies and bikini's together in a suitcase. Wonder what the customs men would make of that. Have fun and come back recharged and ready for September.

thekathrynwheel said...

Happy hols to you :-) I'm with you on being unsociable on hol - I am too!! I'm off on hol as you get back from yours. Just wondering how to sneak acrylic paints into the suitcase without the other half noticing...... Have a great time x

Sandra Hall said...

Happy Holiday! You deserve it! Big hug x

Sharon said...

Have a super-duper holiday Dyan!
You deserve it.

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Hope you have a fantastic holiday and a well deserved rest.
Just saw your message about e-mailing you the queen pic.
I can't get it to load onto the computer there is something wrong with the software I think. TYPICAL!!!
I will try to get my Nephew to do it for me tomorrow.
I hope that won't put you out.
Big Hugs and Safe Journey.
Enjoy :-)
Michelle xx

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