Sunday, August 30, 2009

Step by step Art Journal spread...

Yes it is 4.15 am.
Yes I am still awake.
Yes I am blogging.
Yes I am barking..!!!

I am awake because I cant sleep and no other reason. And you know me I cant just do nothing. And I have a backlog of work seeping from every pore, but my eyes are so tired that I really wasn't up to much so I thought I would journal as it always relaxes me. And then I thought, hang on a minute,, lets photo and step by step it for you.
I get told all the time, oh it looks so complicated, I wouldn't know where to start. Well now you do. So pull up a chair, strap yourself in, we could be here a while, lol.

This is the double spread I did. And it was all done whilst sat in my bed. I have got in the habit of journaling there with only specific supplies and I have made it a rule that I cant go and fetch anything else, I have to use what I,ve got.

The pages were already painted. I always like to have some prepped and painted pages ready so that when the urge strikes I can just go with the flow.

I also had a co-ordinating book page ready prepared, which I cut into pennants for the top.

Draw a border around the 3 sides with a Sharpie permanent black pen, and outline the pennant.

add circles with a Pilot pen.

Stick in your images. Here I wanted the man to look as though he was on stilts to go with my circus theme so I just drew his trousers longer.

Stick down the other image and outline with the Pilot pen to give it definition.
I,ve got some fab new pencils called Inktense. They are a watercolour pencil with a difference, they contain ink. Therefore you get pure vibrant colours, scrummy.
Fill in the dots with green and outline with brown. Blend with a small wet brush.
Add a scribble of colour where you want your text to go.
Write your title in red Sharpie and the Pilot pen. Draw lines across the bottom and start journaling.

Fill in the gaps between the lines with doodles.

Draw lines the opposite way this time.

Fill in squares with the Pilot pen.

and journal.

colour in the remaining squares with a brown pencil

and smudge with a wet brush.

Oops cant remember what I did here, lol.

colour in the horizontal lines and the border.

Colour in and wet his trousers taking the pencil up and onto the image.

Shade around the spots.

circle the title with black pen and red pencil.Fill in any blank spaces with red and smudge.

Go over the black squares with a white pen to make them pop.

Write on his leg with a Sharpie.

Add a 7gypsies rub on.

smudge with green pencil and water to merge it into the background.

write on her legs, colour 2 tickets and stick to page.

and there we have it , a finished page.

Now I don't always work in that order, there is no right or wrong, but obviously paint and collaged papers need to go on first.Then I usually draw or add a border and then place my images so that I can work around them. You'll soon find your own style. I usually incorporate stamps, but they werent on the bed, so that was a no no. and I usually add more paint and oil pastels over the top for layers, but again nthey werent on the beb..!!!
These are the pencils I'm raving about. Should of got a bigger tin, with more colours, but I wasn't sure if I would like them or not. Woo hoo get me holding back, there's a first, but I knew I should have just gone for it, lmao.

And here's the state of my bed, ha ha , when I,ve finished.

But don't worry I clear it all away every night, I like things put away.
Hope you enjoyed that and I hope it has inspired you to have a go. Art journaling is sooooooo therapeutic, take it from one who
Enjoy xx


Lady Di said...

Thanks for the step by step, it looks easy enough, so may give it a try sometime.

Dylan said...

No problem girlie. Just think of it as a large Atc with room for writing and you,lol be cool. x

thekathrynwheel said...

Lying awake worrying about not getting sleep is really stressful - I can see why you journaled the night away! And I can just imagine you doing it too LOL! The page is fabulous. Do I NEED some of the new pencils?! Are you going to stock them? I like to treat myself to a little something at the Northern Papercrafts show.... By the way, I love the rub-on Do not try this ...... ha ha ha!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Hi Dylan, Thank so much for that - it takes away the scariness of the empty page.
Lesley x

Virginia said...

Dyan love the step by step - also amazed that you've only just found the inktense pencils - they are amazing aren't they! May do a journal page now I've seen yours - also need to cut more magazine images - thanks for the instructions - you're always an inspiration and now with instructions we've no excuse!

YourValuedAssistant said...

Thanks Dyan, step by step is exactly what I need!!!!! Went a bit crazy in paperchase on Saturday purchasing mini journals I can start decorating, scribbling my thoughts in to make my own journal creations. I LOVE your work. xx

Sharon said...

That is clear instructions!
I have bit the bullet and as of last week signed up for your art journal class next Monday at Macduff. Really looking forward to it.

Dylan said...

Awwww so glad you all like it. When I woke up this morning all I could see were the things I should have done and nearly delered it, but didnt have time. Was worried you all would think I was trying to teach you to suck eggs, lmao.
Sharon, about blooody time girl... xx

Sharon said...

LOL I know :-) In fairness to you it was nothing to do with the art journalling class as I have always fancied it. The delay was that I had to organise child care for my two boys after school.
I will be late to the class (prob arrive about at 9.45) as I need to drop them at school first.
Hope I won't miss too much in the 45mins!! LOL

On another note do you know any online sites where I can purchase zetti style collage pieces? (I already have a sheet from Lisa's Altered Art)
I am doing my 9x9 page today for you - yes we are all remembering LOL (Think no-one remembered last year)

Dylan said...

Sharon, I,m sure Sandra said the class didnt start till 10, but u kno me!! lol.
Teesha Moore is the queen of the zetti images, but they are only available as collage sheets not downloads. The y are beautiful though. Are you all doing a page I,d better make a journal to put them in (any excuse) lmao x

Sandra Hall said...

Brilliant Dy....thanks for the step by step - you just pull it altogether and make it work!! I have journaled on and off for years but not art journaling... Had a go recently though (inspired by your own dear self!!) I may just bring it to show you tomorrow... can't wait. x x

Traceyr said...

Thanks for the blow by blow instructions very useful. Can't say i've crafted in bed although my craft desk is next to my bed so never say never. tee hee.

Can I ask is that just an old book or a book you have made?


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Thanks so much for the step by step.Think I mught give it a go at the weekend. I still have problems with the magazine images, can't seem to find any that relate to what I would write about.(maybe I'm missing the point).
Michelle xx

Deb said...

Wow what a great blog entry ( well actually I enjoy reading all your blog ramblings!!) - but thank you so much for taking the time to show in detail how you make your fab art journal pages. I have always admired them but had absolutely no idea where to start - I may pluck up courage now.

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW how amazin is this, your art journal is stunning and i love the step by step guide, would love to give this a go some time, i have something i call my ramble book, its pretty much all the stuff i talk to myself about, i write down ... i know completely bonkers hehehehe and I too am a non sleeper i dont think i ever just sleep the whole night through ... maybe one day xxx

Unknown said...

Thank you for this ... I did n't cry once :0) I have a journal all ready to start and was waiting til I felt brave enough ... you have just inspired me to give it a go! Thank you!

Kirsti said...

This is a brilliant journal page Dy... Love it - need to get going with some more pages now I am home from my holidays....x

TinaStina said...

I'm really, really in love with your way of expressing yourself art wise (don't know if that's even a word :)

You have inspired me so much and made me come out of my "shell" and do things I never thought I could or would.

I "found" you when googling about art journaling and I bought a few of your colours. Now I have every colour there is and many of your stamps and stencils :)

I've made a few pages in my art journal and there are more to come I can assure you :)

Thank's for all the inspiration Dy!


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