Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weird but wonderful..!!!

I,ve been in my element tonight, combining two of my favourite things, painting and Christmas... I did warn you all the other day that I was on a mission to get you all painting..!!! So here's one of the workshops in the next brochure. Awww...don't you just love it..???

I,ve always had a thing about snowmen and about 5 years ago I used to spend every evening painting and creating them, I think I can now paint them in my sleep, lmao. Bezzie Su has put in a request for one to go with the trees on her front room wall. Hey , I 've just had a cracking idea. I can paint all four walls, she can get her hubby, the gorgeous How, a new red suit..!!!, and we could turn it into a Please form an orderly queue...

Some of you are panicking already at the thought of painting them. You will be fine honest, trust me, I have faith in you all..!! And don't worry if you cant draw, I've done it all for you. So there you go, no excuses left, have you...???
This journal page was done on the beach. I had stuck down the image, and the way she was posing made me want to do a page about emerging from a sleep, or re awakening from a chrysalis into a Butterfly. As I was wondering what to write an young Italian couple asked me if I would mind taking their photograph, so I duly obliged. They packed up their stuff and headed back indoors. As they were walking away the girl bent down and picked something up from the sand, turned and ran back to me. This is for your writing book, she said, and handed me a glittery plastic butterfly..??? Perfect for the page I was doing, how weird was that..??? Of all the things to find on an Egyptian beach, a glittery butterfly is the last thing you would expect, isn't it. It made me feel as though I was in the perfect place for me at that time, and that someone was letting me know they were watching over me.

Enjoy xx


YourValuedAssistant said...

Hi Dylan, I love, love, love your blog. I only came across it just under two weeks ago and already I'm hooked. I was bereft when you went on holiday!! Thank you for the "weird but wonderful...!!!" post. Butterflies have a very personal and significant meaning to me. When I see one I know that it's to remind me that somebody very special is still around and looking over me. Your journaling is beautiful, the butterfly was clearly meant to be a part of it.xx

Michelle said...

HI Dyan,
Where to start I am hyperventelating (prob spelt wrongly......but you know what I mean)
I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED that snowman plate. I just love it.
You know what they say about snowmen melting your heart. It's so true.
I'll be your best friend if you can actually teach me to do something so COOL. LOL!!!!!!!
I told you about all the snowmen I brought home from honeymoon.
I'm sure they are getting lonely and would like a new friend. :-)

The other thing that got me going is the page you did, the story of the butterfly made me shiver.
You truely are blessed, and have many special people watching over you.
Michelle xx

SueC said...

Hi Dyan
Glad you had a lovely holiday and are back refreshed.
When are your new stamps and papers going to be ready? and are any of the papers blue???
Hugs Sue

SueC said...

PS - out of curiosity why does it say Reaveley Mrs "A" on your boarding card? lol

Dylan said...

Hi Pink Magpie, nice to meer you, glad you enjoy the utter drivel that seems to pour out of my mouth, lol.
Michelle, you are soooo funny..!!
a-its a secret, and I would have to kill you.
c-It says A Reaveley because my real name is Angela, yes thats right..!!! My mum and dad christened me that and changed their mind as I got older cos apparently I wasnt very angelic..!! Dont know where they got that from ,lmao.

Anne said...

Lovely story. It certainly sounds strange yet rather wonderful to find a butterfly like that there!

Lyn said...

ooh..... did somebody mention new stamps and papers LOL ????
Loving the snowman !!
Lyn x

Traceyr said...

wow great story. I'm loving these layouts. You are brave going on holiday by yourself.


Michelle said...

Yes but are you up to the challenge??? :-)

Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Michelle, that wasnt meant to sound rude, you just make me laugh thats all. Course I,m up to the challenge just not sure how to tackle it. I,m a hands on tutor and you are miles away. I,ll think on it x

Michelle said...

Oh Dyan,
I'm sorry!!!!!!
I didn't think it was rude, I know you wouldn't do that. :-)
The second post was me trying to be funny. :-(
I would love to see what you come up with though.
Perhaps Skype could be the answer!!!!
Just imagine Dyan Reavealy teaching WORLDWIDE.:-)
Oh Joy!!!
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Ha ha I dont think the world is ready for my style of teaching, do you..??? lmao. Just going to start blogging now, wait till you see what I,m up to now ha ha .x

Michelle said...

You BIG TEASE!!!!!!!
Was just about to go to bed.
Early for me but I am starting a Migraine.
Now I don't want to turn off the computer.
Hurry Hurry!!!! :-)
Michelle xx

Kathy said...

just came accross your blog, im loving the journal entries, you have a nice style.

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