Saturday, August 1, 2009

The things you do for love..!!!

Well its the night before my holiday, I have tons and tons of things to do, so what do I end up doing...?? Painting in Bezzie Su's lounge. Yes you heard me correct. I was invited round for our customary pratting around, drinking tea and putting the world to rights. She mentioned that the her family where celebrating Christmas Day tomorrow.??????? Quite normal for her. They are going to buy pressies for each other and have a fun Christmas Day. I made the mistake of asking if she was putting a tree up. Jokingly I said I would paint her some of my Blonde Moment trees on the walls. Well before I knew it, there I was paintbrush in hand. So here we go step by step to transforming your living room into a grotto. Please excuse the rough state of me, remember I only popped in for a cuppa and some rhubarb crumble.

Oh yes I still use my trusty Adirondack paint dabbers, even on walls.

Filling in the design.
Maybe I should have worn my heels..!!

There are four trees, one for each of them but of course I had to have five stars, lol.

Cheeky monkey Georgia...

The outlining gives the finishing touch.

Love to add the little details, see I even need to doodle on walls.

There you go ....the finished article...

I think shes pleased, don't you..??

Do we look like little elves..??

That's me about done. I just love it though..

So here I am, its 2.25am and I am blogging whilst watching back to back Project Runway and eating After Eights. I haven't prepared or packed a thing yet, still..!!! Hilarious.. I am having to work really hard at not allowing myself to start painting trees on my own wall. Maybe when I get back, yayy.
Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Fab trees lucky Sue. Now get packing as Tim says " Make it Happen" lol.

Helen said...

Love the trees! Hope you get packed - have a great holiday, you deserve it. See you soon.

DGgirl said...


These are gorgeous - is 5 months enough notice for you to travel to the frozen north for a repeat rendition?


P.S. Enjoy your hol.

Darcy Marshall said...

Fabby trees, have a great holiday and when you get back come paint my livingroom please lol

Sharon said...

LMAO - Only you Dyan!!
I love it!! Hope you remembered to autograph it LOL

Paper Paradise said...

Have a RELAXING time Dy. You thoroughly deserve this holiday, ENJOY!!!!!!!!
Sue x
PS Brilliant trees!

Sue Pinner said...

love love love them...wacky as always
Happy Holiday....have fun

Traceyr said...

Those trees look fantastic.

have a great holiday you deserve it ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
I love the trees.Your talent's are endless. :-)
Hope you have a fantastic holiday and come back well rested.
Michelle xx

The Crafts House said...

missing you on the blog and twitter Dyan,hope the holiday is the trees!!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Lesley x

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott