Sunday, August 30, 2009

One more sleep..!!!

Ooh I got all excited this morning cos I thought The Goddess and The Resident bit of Glamour, were home from their jollies. I whizzed round their flat this morning but there was no signs of life. How strange, but thought maybe they were sleeping. Rang them later to find they are still there and not back till the morning..Me no likey...its enough to tip me over the edge, lol. I have missed them sooooooooo much.

So I have kept myself busy all day instead . These are what I,ve been up to.

I added the finishing touches to the sleigh that Super Sarah Superpants started the other day.

Finished off this little beauty, it just needs its grunge paper flower adding.

And put the final touches to this.

Ooh and what do you reckon to these gorgeous tags.?

And spent an enjoyable hour painting with my Blonde Moment Pearl Pigments. Love these.

And added the personalised touch to these baubles. I varnished them and hung them up to dry. Tomorrow they just need the holly added and they can all go in the post, yayy. Could be coming to a house near you.

Aww look at this, I wish I could bottle her gorgeousness.

Haven't shown you any journal pages lately, so here's two from Egypt.

Oh yes that last one was painted on the beach in 40 degrees heat, lmao. My favourite place for journaling at the moment is Starbucks. I get a large pot of tea with cream, get settled in a corner and journal away. Only thing is I easily lose track of time, lol. Maybe I need to set an alarm..!!
Just had a phone call from Tom to say the heating and water isn't working. How strange seen as the boiler was only serviced yesterday..!!! Un believable eh.
Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

OMG Dy, what wonderful things you have been creating, fantastic as usual. I've signed up for Suzi Blu course, so waiting to start with great trepidation. Hugs xxx

Dylan said...

You,ll love it. But I know you think I,m barking, but I,m nothing compared to Suzi. Go buy your pink wig now, lol.x

ForgedinPaper said...

Oh I got excited there and thought it was next weekend already! Enjoy the girlies being back.

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
LOVIN YOUR WORK!!!!! (as usual) :-)
Have we just been treated to a sneaky peak of your new designs.
They are FAB!!
Don't use up all of the baubles, save some for me. lol :-)
Am waiting patiently for the new arrivals to do my order.
It's great like having an extra christmas. :-)
Michelle xx

Sharon said...

My goodness, you have been VERY busy!!
Love all your projects. Is that a stamped image you coloured in with pearl pigments?

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