Saturday, August 15, 2009

You hum it and I,ll play it.....

OK here we do with another installment of the soap opera that is actually my life..!!! I know people think I make these up, but this is honestly how I live. I just seem to lurch from one crisis to another, lol. After Maisie left this morning ( its like sleeping with a cross between am octopus and a kling on.!!! ), I headed into work. Caught up on all my emails, twittered, did my 20 min dancing, slapped my face on and got ready for the class. The Goddess and the class arrived and I was just serving up tea when I caught a whiff of a funny smell. At the same time our Ems shouted me into the shop, also because of a smell. The shop stunk as though it was on fire. You know that smouldery electrical smell..?? Well we went round and round the shop, couldn't find anything, the smell was getting worse. Soon all the ladies were in investigating. Still couldn't find anything, didn't know what to do, but I wasn't happy, so I ran upstairs to the Tai Kwondo studio to see if Stuart was in. He wasn't but this rather gorgeous specimen was. Never seen him before, lol. I garbled my tale and he came to investigate. Round and round we went, couldn't find a thing, smell getting worse.

I said "is it my eyes or is it getting hazy in here..?". I couldn't work out if I was just tired from no sleep. Peculiar and peculiariar..!!! lol. Then the gorgeous man and our Ems both looked up at the same time to see smoke start to pour out of one of the light fittings. I quickly turned all the lights off and we were plunged into darkness. So there I am , just starting a workshop, no lighting and a shop full of stinky smoke. Is electrical smoke different from fire smoke..?? Because the smoke alarm that is sat next to the fitting didn't go off and it was only tested a fortnight ago. Weird. Anyway one phone call to the landlord, via his wife who had to go and get him because he was mowing the lawn, lol, and an electrician was duly dispatched. One mug of tea later and it was all isolated, we had light..!!! Apparently it was a freak incident. Wtf..?? How many incidents can be freak before they become normal. Surely no one can have as many freak incidents as I do, lmao.

Anyway 5 mins later, new never before seen gorgeous man from upstairs came back down to check I was ok before he left. Aww thoughtful as well as gorgeous, must be gay, damn..ha ha .

Maybe we should have another "freak" incident next weekend same time then we could investigate more..!!!

Well, here's what I,ve been up to. Remember the giant baubles I bought yesterday..? Here's what they look like now.

How gorgeous is that little "menage et tois"..?? I just frikkin lurve them. Lets introduce them to you individually.
First we have Mortimer, hes not sure whether hes coming or going really. Hes a bit gullible and can be easily led, lol.

Then we have Sally, a sassy little snowball. She knows exactly what she wants and how she's gonna get it. She plays dirty, but states "that all's fair in love and war"..!!

And last, but by no means least, we have Angelica. She's the baby of the bunch and a real girly girl. Always up with the latest snowball fashions, and never to be seen without her false eyelashes.

Grunge Paper holly leaves and sparkly gems are this seasons must haves, and of course, Angelica's are in the latest and hottest colours of the catwalk.

Here's Mortimer and Sally proudly showing off their latest tattoos.

Ha ha , yup I think the strong Egyptian sun has addled my brain. I would consider upping my medication but I quite enjoy living in la la land. Plus they know me well here, so I feel at home..!! lmao. These snowballs will be featuring in one of the Winter workshops where you will have the chance to give birth to your own little character. I will also be making and selling personalised snowballs, so if you want one commissioned for someone special , then drop me a line and I will aim to oblige. Oh and a little hint for the Macduff retreat ladies, the snowballs could be heading your way shortly..!!!!!
I also painted one of the 72 sleighs that I bought. Here is the design based out.

The main images painted in.

And the shading and details added.

Ooh, love it, love it, love it...!! That's right I just frikkin love it..!!!

This is also going to be a Winter workshop, so I hope you are up for it. There is going to be lots more painting in lots of the Winter workshops and I know you are all capable of it, despite what you think, lol. I taught painting classes for a great deal of years and I,ve never killed anyone yet, honest. The best thing about classes like this is they are so obviously me, and cant really be pinched and passed off as someone elses. Yes it is still going on, my work being taught all over and others getting the credit. Well I,m getting tough now, my work, my drawings, my designs and my IP (Intellectual Property ) are MINE and are now copyrighted. If you want to teach one of my classes you will need to ask me, otherwise you will be infringing my copyright..!!! Now before some of you start geting on your high horse ( generally those who are doing the ripping me off in the first place, lol ) I feel that it is fair. As I have said before I spend days designing and finalising workshops. Working out the easiest and best way of teaching it, timing it to fit the time available, costing it out, and working what to put in the kits. Surely all that time and effort needs to be respected..??? Manners cost nothing, so if you want to teach my stuff, please, please give me the courtesy of asking me first. I always get to find out anyway, lol. People can't wait to come and split on you and karma works in mysterious ways...
So general moan over and done with ( its my age, suddenly turned into one of those off the telly, in Grumpy Old Women ) I quite like it really , might start having a blue rinse and talk about the good old days when it took me 15 hrs to walk to school and all we ate was bread and dripping... Actually I used to love bread and dripping, took it to school every day. Ha ha everyone thought I ate it cos we were really poor, but it was my favourite food for years, especially with some of the jelly on it and lashings of salt. And it always had to be on processed white sliced, getting the crust was a major achievement in our house. My Dad said it would give you strong hair and curly teeth..!! You see and you wonder where I get it from. It's all inherited..!!! From the people who christened me Angela, eventually went off it and changed it to Diane, but spent years actually calling me Lottie bartatus...!!! And they wondered why I,ve never conformed, its cos I haven't a clue who I'm actually supposed to be, lol. At the age of about 7 I decided to change the spelling of it to the way it is now, after the actress Dyan Cannon, and then the real fun began. Suddenly every one at school started to call me Dylan. No matter what I said at the start of every term the teacher would shout out "Dylan Stead". I tried to argue the name was Dyan but it just seemed to be a lost cause and continued all through secondary school and for much of my working life, People still ring up the studio and ask Ben if they can speak to Dylan...!!! A while ago I got a slating on the smack blog and one of the comments was " and she suddenly is known by the name Dylan. Well how "suddenly" is 39 years...??? Hilarious isn't it. Officially I am Angela, as that is the name I was christened by, so my passport, driving license, credit cards, anything "official" are all in that name. If I go to the doctors or dentist, I always have to answer to Angela. Best laugh was when I got married and every one was looking around the church to see who Angela was... People who know me really well call me Dy, most others call me Dyan or Dylan. I am sure there are plenty other names that I must get called as well in our "friendly" industry, lol. I hope that when I eventually go to meet my maker that there isnt some jobsworth on the door going, " if your names not down, you aint coming in"...!!!!
Any how enough of that utter drivel that I spout so well, here's another journal page from Egypt.

Workshop tomorrow is the the Mini A - Z journal. Its a busy class and it will be non stop. They have to stick, dismantle, collage, gesso, paint effect, stamp, Alphabeticalise ( oops made up word, lol), doodle, journal and add hardware. Ha ha Not a chance in hell..!!!! But I did warn everyone that this was to be an "ongoing" project, to be finished in their own leisure. So how many different names do you think I,ll get called tomorrow. Answers on a postcard to
Angela, Diane, Lottie bartatus, Dyan, Dylan, Dy, mum, Mama, Bitch etc, lol, to the usual address.
Enjoy xx


Sandra Hall said...

Ah Dy, you never cease to amaze! love reading your blog - drama and tantalising projects unfold from the first sentence!
Great journal page. Cute baubles and hmmmm painitng classes! x x

Dylan said...

Ha ha Sandra, lifes a blast isnt it..?? Now you know your gonna need to paint snowmen, its the law where we come from..!! Tell Shelley to bring her Ashley Jackson brush, lmao. xx

Unknown said...

all of them and then some. Another name to call you is fabulous, artistic, amazing. I luuuurve the baubles they are just amazing and the sledge just so perfect.

Looking forward to working with you really soon and wished I didn't live so far away so I could come to more classes.

Emma xx

Dylan said...

Aww thanks honey, little tip for you before you come to mine, any medication you are on, just double it and you,ll be fine, lol.x

wendy vecchi said...

Lady Dy...
you are a totally over the top...

Sharon said...

OMG Dyan or should that be Angela !I LOVE the sledges!!! Can they wing their way to Macduff too?????

Dylan said...

ha ha Wendy, I would describe myself as a "quintessentially English Eccentric", lmao. Love ya and miss ya sooooooooooo much. Congrats on Somerset Studio, you go girl..!! xxx

Sharon, If I told you what I,m bringing you know I would have to kill you. And then what would happen to the next 3 yrs o9f holidays you have booked eh..??

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Well I didn't have to wait long to see what you would create!! :-)
You are an Amazing woman, you can add that to your list of names. :-)

I love your journel pages....... but you don't need to even ask how much I LOVE the baubles and Sledge. Are you taking commissions on both of them??????
Will have to do some major saving up to try and get over to do some classes with you.
Have been saving up the last few months to have a splurge in your shop next week.
Emmi was kind enough to get me a price for the courior.
I have a few questions about stuff you used in some projects to see if you stock them.
I will e-mail you next week.

BTW how do you always manage to find a hunky man to help you in times of crises. :-) Love it. LOL
Michelle xx

Darcy Marshall said...

Great snowmen, I would love to be able to paint. Wish it was easier for me to get over to do a workshop.

Keep smiling hon then nobody will ever know what you are up to, no matter who you are lol

Helen said...

Whatever you are known as, your work is amazing! Love the baubles.
I will be having withdrawal symptons next week as I am going away and won't have a computer - so will have a whole week to catch up on in one go!! I'll need some of your pills to get me through it, LOL.

borgqueen said...

doesnt anybody ever sleep? i go to bed having checked blog (at least I think I did), get up and switch on and there's a post for england and 9 comments....? need to speed up to get to that alphabet journal class, i'm hoping to make it to K then kollapse ;o) .... is the kettle on?
x x x

Oooh and who ever pinches your projects could never ever teach in your style darlin - you truely are one of a kind x

flutterbycrafter said...

Wowser these are bl--dy fantastic!!!!!can't wait to come on the courses. Hope I find painting easier than journaling. You are the most creative, inspirational person I know, mind you I don't get out much. Only joking you are fantastic. Hugs XXX

SueC said...

Hope you are not too upset that I spotted the A on your boarding card and set off a stream of comments!!!
Anyway, love your work - its fabulous and original. Maybe I'll be able to get over to a workshop next year when daughter's wedding has been and gone!!!
Sue x
PS mmm! love bread and dripping just as you described and I took it to school.

Diane.W. said...

Awwww,luv the snowmen & sledges,sooo cute!!!
I always think of you as Dy,but I really don't like it when people call me Di,it just doesn't feel right,but I have a friend who calls me 'D' & I think that is really sweet?!!!Funny ol things aren't we,lol?!!! :o)x

ForgedinPaper said...

Please sled your way to MacDuff Sensei! How's that for a name.
Love the baubles but they have scared the life out of me. I like painting but it doesent like me. Oh no will have to start practising eekkkkk.
WV is messim that about describes my painting skills.

Sue said...

I am coming on my first workshop at AFTH on 1st Sept. Reading this blog makes me think maybe I should wear a hard hat! Having said that I am REALLY looking forward to it so fingers cross the lights work!

Sarah Louise said...

Love the burbles Dyan, can i customise mine to match my living room and christmas tree, lol

Good on you for standing your ground with your wonderful projects and (IP).

Kaz said...

I so wish I lived nearer to come to your classes, especially if you plan an 'incident' too!!

Fab balls and sleighs! Here's hoping you start getting the credit you deserve. I was inspired by your work and did 2 mini canvases this week, so thanks for finally getting me painting - I was so scared of it!!

Kaz x

Traceyr said...

Fingers crossed that the new rescue hero isn't gay and is there again next week. You could always make an excuse and get him downstairs again. lol


Dylan said...

Michelle, commissions on both , yes. But unfortunately I,m not cheap, lol...
Kaz, thanks for the lovely comments, glad you were inspired. Have been on your blog , its looking good. I had ME for 5 i/2 years and started my art as therapy. I also was thrown out of art at school for being crap..!!!!lmao. Thats why I have such a passion for it now. Hope yoiu see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.
Macduff girlies. Stop panicking about the painting. You will all be ace, you are in capable hands lol. Sarah, tes any colour you like babe. bAnd looks like sledges might be coming as well, Sharon and Sonja. xx

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