Friday, August 28, 2009

I love me, because...!!!

On Facebook I joined a group called "Loving the Woman in the Mirror" which is a group for the average woman , who is juggling the demands of a busy daily life,and has little left over for self care and personal growth.
Err think that might be all of us yeah..?? Well it is all about wanting to attain a more positive image.
It is run by a luvvly woman named Joyce Lee . This message was in my inbox the other morning and it really struck a chord with me, so I asked her if it was ok to show you all and was delighted when the answer was yes.

"Worrying is using our imagination to create something we don't want..." Abraham

Good Morning....Makes ya think doesn't it? My mom was a real worrier... I wish she had access to this information in her time... I think she worried herself to her end... too early...

Not me... I am choosing another way and so can you...

Been worried about:

~ Money.... then give some away and put some away... even if it's only a few dollars... share your abundance with others, and save some for a rainy day... you'll change your focus and your energy

~ You body/temple... then drink your water and go for your walk... do some loving self care... take your vitamins... paint your toes, make your doctors appointments... own your power, change your focus and your energy

~ Your relationship(s)... then notice what is going right... notice where you have strength and power... decide to be healthy... know you deserve happy... own your power, change your focus and your energy

~ Your Job... then notice the positives... think about what you would like... put your positive order in with the universe... own your power, change your focus and your energy

These are "One Day at a Time" thoughts... use your imagination to create what you want for your self and your circumstances... you can do it with anything..

In friendship and confidence and personal power...
JOYce ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope it meant something to you as well. I,ve just signed up for her bi-weekly newsletter,

NOTES TO SELF. Every two weeks, you will receive a feature article on a different aspect of personal growth in line with the Law of Attraction, along with spiritual thoughts and ideas for your journaling work.

Sounds good to me..!!!

Well another early blog from me. I am sat at work drinking Ginger Beer and listening to Gentleman Jim Reeves. I can pretend my Dad is sat around the corner singing to me. Many happy memories. And its only taken me 8 years to get to this stage, lol, so I must be healing.
God bless Pops this ones for you babe. xx


Kaz said...

My dad sings that song too. Well done for being able to think about him and smile. One day it will happen for your mum memories xx

Sandra Hall said...

Thanks for passing on those words Dy. I like the woman in the mirror thing. Once when I was going through some tough stuff, I spent a week talking to myself in a mirror (encouraged to do so by a friend!)and then I would give myself a kiss. It helped. I am still learning to love me for who I am. (Perhaps I should visit that place again sometimes!) x

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Very interesting stuff, really gets you thinking.
Thanks for sharing.
Michelle xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott