Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacancies for elves..!!!

Well I have work coming out of my ears, just for a change..!!! And fast running out of time to do it. But don't worry as

I put the call out and 2 painting elves arrived in a woosh of stripy tights and pointy ears. I love elves, they just need music, cups of tea, paintbrushes and a bit of instruction and they are off, lol.

Here's Sarah with the Macduff sledges. Sarah first started coming to my kids workshops approx 10 yrs ago and is one of the most accomplished painter I have ever taught. Her work was always beautiful, so it was a pleasure to rope her in.

And of course the lovely Katie, who was so glad it chucked it down today so she could come and paint rather than landscape garden with her Dad.
Whats great about these two elves is a lot of the time I can just leave them to it whilst I get on with other things. Like phone calls, emails, orders, lists, instructions, pretty parcel wrapping ( Oh yes I am the Goddess this week ), Post Office and tea making. Think I have got the bum end of the deal somehow, don,t you..??? lol
This is how they looked as end of day loomed.

Nice work so far girlies (oops before I spell checked that sentence it said nice work so fat gitlies..lmao) sorry girls.
I did manage to start some of the bauble commissions. Aww they look so newborn and sweet with their bald bonces don,t they..??

I am sat typing this whilst eating an extremely nutritious evening meal. Oh ok then I,m not. Old habits...cold hot dogs and walnuts. What..????? I know, I know, but I like them and they cant be worse than the 85 or so Wispa bars I,ve been throwing down my neck lately. Sugar sends me lairy at the best of times, so I am on a strict ban, and its back to nuts. swished down with Fiery sugar free Ginger Beer. Ooh I know how to live, me.

My brain is fried this evening and I cant concentrate at all so I am about to embark on one of my favourite non taxing hobbies. Cutting out images from magazines. I get asked all the time where do I find the images I use. They are all magazines. I have had a major thing about good quality glossy magazines since I was about 12 yrs old. My french teacher used to bring in French copies of Elle magazine for any one who wanted them, and no one else did, so I snaffled them. I used to spend hours cutting out the images and sticking them onto anything and everything. My wall was covered , there must have been about 1/2 in worth depth by the time I left home. And I am still the same, I just love the glossies. After I have read them I save them in a big pile ready for nights like tonight and then attack them with scissors. Just love it.

I got given another blog award today from Gill at Take Nothing for Granted who left me a lovely comment on my last post. Thanks hunny.

Now I am rubbish with blog awards, well the sending it on bit, cos I am always too worried I will upset someone by not nominating them, so as is usual with me , I nominate you
These are the conditions for this one.
Name the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
Nominate 7 others, link to them, and notify them.
Display the logo in your post. (right click the image to save it and then upload it).
And list 10 honest things about yourself.
So here goes
1. I own every Jim Reeves cd there is. Every time a new "greatest hits" comes out I have to buy it, even though he has been dead for years and there is never anything "new", I still have to buy it.
2. I used to be a seamstress, specialising in kiddies designer originals. I,ve made loads of ball gowns and wedding dresses and lost count of the number of soft furnishings I have run up over the years. Now the only sewing I do is buttons on canvas's.
3. I very rarely drink alcohol, but when I do its Champagne or Baileys with double cream and ice
4. When the kids were little if they wanted to get their own back on me for telling them off etc, they used to go and turn the tins around in my kitchen cupboards. This was always guaranteed to send me in a panic, because I had to have them all in order with all the labels facing forward otherwise the sky might fall down..!!!
5. Many of you know of my funny food habits due to my food intolerance's but I also have a 38
yr old eating disorder that I am finally confronting and trying to conquer.
6. Don't laugh, but really I am a shy person. I have just learnt to wear a mask to disguise it.
7. I have mild OCD which gets worse with stress but is funny really. The one that makes every one laugh is my obsession with the no 5. Including I have to eat in 5's. I,m just grateful its not the number 32, lol.
8. I am now officially an orphan and it frikkin stinks..!!
9. I have a brain like a dry sponge and I love reading anything and everything. I read extremely fast, 9 novels whilst in Egypt for 6 days. My favourite authors are, Martina Cole, and Jodi Picoult . I have all their books and I have to buy them in hardback the minute they are released.
10. If I ever get married again, it will be in Vegas, at the little chapel, with a vicar dressed as Elvis. I will be wearing a red spotty bikini and cowboy boots, the groom will be wearing a fireman's uniform, lol. I have to do it before I die, and I,m not actually bothered who I marry, ( how bad is that) lmao. Anyway its easily annulled, and if its good enough for Britney..!!!
So there you go, I need to start attacking the glossies now.
Enjoy xx


borgqueen said...

Let me know when you go to Vegas - will def buy a ticket to witness that one ;o)
Lovely lovely elves, where would the world be without capable elves (unlike the last one!)?
Totally unprovoked Bekah declared it's 4 months to Christmas day today.....
Enjoy cutting out xxx

Dylan said...

Errr.. nothing will replace you as chief elf in the grotto, you have the legs for the stripy tights..!!! And do I detect a bit of sarcasm about Vegas. You will be coming wether you want to or not. Who else would I have as Maid of honour..?? lmao

Unknown said...

oh wow what a wonderful wedding day that would be. There is nothing wrong with having OCD. I have it too. My obsessive compulsion is to not do any housework!!! and so far I have not managed to overcome it.

I too look good in stripy tights!!! (not, legs are too short and to much like a tree trunk, I will show you at the class at the Papercraft Show in a couple of weeks.)

Looking forward to it.

Emma xx

Emma xx

Dylan said...

Ha ha Emma, like it, keep up the good work. My problem is I dont really have OCD, I have CDO, cos its in alphabetical order, lmao.
anyway tree trunks are fashionable in grottos..!!!
see you soon xx

Ann said...

Your honesty and openess belies the fact that you are shy, and yet I know it to be true! Your new 'feel the fear and do it anyway'lifestyle should be a role model to many. I am so proud to know you and I'm sure your Mum would be proud of you too.
Derbyshire Ann xx

Sharon said...

Loved reading your 10 honest things. Great selection there!!!
Sorry to hear that you have an eating disorder, hopefully now that you are confronting it you will get better.
I totally sympathise with the OCD -I am exactly the same. I would go ballistic if someone turned my tins too LOL My number thing is that I won't put any volume controls/car air conditioner controls etc at a prime number! or odd numbers - with the exception of odd numbers that end in 5!!! crazy huh!
oh and pairs of light switches have to be in the same position!!

Ann said...

Thought you might like this;


And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to Blossom.

Anaïs Nin

Derbyshire Ann xx

Dylan said...

Ann, thankyou, that is exactly how I would explain it if I could. Are you coming up to the show..? x

Sharon, oh no, just remembered that I used to do that with the light switches, but havent for a long time, hope you dont set me off again, lol. x

Kilosmum said...

A friend of mine married in Vegas and wants to divorce, but her and her husband have to stay there for 6 weeks before the can file! So think carefully about Vegas!!

Dylan said...

cool, 6 weeks in Vegas, Yee Haa...!!!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott