Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ooh was that excited I,d blogged early I forgot to title it..!!! lmao

Was up and out early. I had a top secret meeting at 8am and needed to appear bright eyed and bushy tailed whilst subtlety flirting just enough to get the deal I wanted..!!!! Oh yes womanly wiles are a fantastic thing to own, don't you think...??? Works every time, lmao. So deal done, contractions getting stronger, expect to go into labour next week...!! woop woop...

Onto todays class, Art journaling , yes again..!!! They are so popular that I have to hold lots of them. Tuesday class is behind Sundays and so are always playing catch up. Today they were continuing with colour and emotions, which normally provides a few sticking points, but not for todays students, they breezed through the class. They were ace but it left me rather redundant so I painted spots all day lol. Daren't go near the stand that needs finishing or else Our Katie will have my guts for garters, but I couldn't help doing the top.

Here's the students. Sue and Sarah who travel all the way from Liverpool, and Annette with her fabby new hair cut.

Chris, Helen and her daughter Emma. (more about her later)

Janet and Jacqui queens of fabby necklaces.

Ann, who used to be the proud owner of "the biggest pants in the world" ( according to her son at a school session), and who is now gorgeously slinky.

And here is the lovely Emma, who is only seven yrs of age. She was a little star, she made journal pages from scratch, primed them, painted them, cut out images and collaged. She listened to everything I said, and she never once got fidgety or troublesome. A perfect student, can the rest of you please take note..lol

Ooh you seem to love the personalised baubles, I have been inundated with commissions, so decided to make a start today. Here's some drying away.

Regular Tuesday night class were on, all doing their own thing. They were a bit rowdy so I decided to shut them up with lollies, always works, lol

Here's bezzie Su and Ali

Little Julie and Elisabeth

Dawn, Julie, Elisabeth.

Forgot to tell them they would end up with blue tongues. oops, lmao

Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

I think your baubles are lovely (if you'll pardon the expression!). Not surprised you have been inundated x

Helen xx said...

Hi Dyan

You have just made me a very proud mum!

Have just read your post to Emma and she asked me to say a big thank you to you for such a great day. She said it was such a fun day for her.

As we headed out of the car park Emma asked "when am I coming back here MUm to do some more".

Hubby is a bit worried that I am moulding another arty farty crafter in the house!

Hope to see you all soon - with the family addition for us all to ohhh and arhh over.....lol!

Unknown said...

I went to asda today and saw a young girl sucking on a blue lolly with a bright blue tongue and lips and I found myself thinking I wonder if Dy's lips go blue too. How sad am I??

Helen you need to tell your hubby that Emma obviously came out of the same mould as you and you can't help creating a creative person. She looks gorgeous.

Emma xx

(ps it must be something with the name) xx

Anne Jagger said...

Thanks for a lovely day Dyan, had a great time with great company.
Totally agree - Emma was a little star - very impressed. Now if I had brought my dear 7 year old your blog would have read VERY differently - he can't sit still for 10 seconds, bless him!
Anne x

DGgirl said...

Hi Dyan

A lurker to yur blog which I adore, I live for the day when I have the time and petrol for the five hour drive for one of your workshops. Have given you a blog award at http://drumcloggirl.blogspot.com/

Keep up the good work sweetie.xxxx

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