Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phew, that took some typing...

OK, here it is at last. You,ll need a cup of tea, couple of choccie biccies and a comfy chair, cos its a long one.....just for a change...!!!!!
So there I was last Friday feeling sorry for myself, when I thought , bugger this for a game of soldiers, I need a break. Two hours later it was sorted, so 8.30am Mon morning found me on a plane back to the lovely Sharm el Sheik. This was the 7th time in Egypt, but this time was a little different as I went all on my own. Yes you heard me I went all on my own, lol. I have said before how anti social I am on holiday, as I just need to unwind and do my own thing. Mark knew me like the back of his hand and just left me to it, bless him. But when I,ve been with others I have always felt awkward and not really enjoyed myself. The fella I went with last year was so bad that I rang Mark and asked him to come and get me before I pushed him off the hotel roof. Now before you all think its just me being an arse, I feel I need to point out that this was a long standing friend, as in FRIEND and nothing else, or so I thought. Unfortunately when we arrived I found he had only gone and booked the honeymoon suite and spent most of the week trying to convince me he was the one for me. I can laugh now but it wasn't funny at the time. So I thought the easiest thing to do was go on my own.

And what an ace time I had. I had booked a hotel that I had already been to, because I felt happier knowing my way around. The first day was a little strange and I felt quite sad at times and wondered if I had done the right thing. But I soon realised I was enjoying myself so much, pleasing no-one but myself. I could get up when I liked, eat when I liked, do what I liked. It was heaven. With my IPod permanently in and a flashing sign above my head that said, bugger off and don't talk to me, I was in my element. I would recommend it to anyone, seriously. You just need to be a little double jointed to get the sun cream up your back, but apart from that you are laughing.
Here's my daily routine. First of all nice cup of tea ( of course ) at 6.30 am and shower.
Here's the view from my balcony. How cool is that...??
Now I hate sitting around a pool, I have to be on a beach, its the law. This hotel has lots of little beaches and this one was my fave. How far away are those beds..?? Love it. I am always on the beach by 7am, and usually all on my own, amazingly. I just feel if the sun's out, then Dy's out...

Here's the view in front of me, oh yes one of my fave places the massage tent. As well as my usual massages, I treated myself to a full Egyptian, which is sauna, jacuzzi, coconut and coffee scrub and finally an hour long massage. Ooh I had to crawl back to my room after that one..

And here's the view the other way. How gorgeous..???

I spent my mornings Art Journaling, much to the amusement of everyone. Oh yes Art Journaling on the beach. I was in my element.

I didn't take much in the way of supplies, just my absolute essentials.

10 Adirondack dabbers
8 watercolour pencils
paint brushes
4 Distress pads
1 black Archival pad
small selection of Tim's stamps
old book pages
black pen
white pen
new Moleskin journal ( surprise treat at the airport )
Magazine images
Lisas altered art images
and crappy babywipes

Ooh wouldn't Ranger be proud of me..??? Hope He who must be obeyed is impressed with the way the products stood up to the 40 degrees of temperature everyday..

Here's a journal page in progress.

I used to wander up for breakfast about 9.30 am. always omelette and sausage, lol.

Then it was back to the sun lounger, and of course my trusty IPod.

Feet up and a quick read. I always read really fast and got through 9 novels this time. My fave was given to me by Bezzie Su. Well she lent me it really but she ain't getting it back lmao.
Its called The Shack , and is by WM Paul Young. The story is based around the abduction of mack,s youngest daughter Missy. Evidence that she may have been murdered is found in a deserted old shack in the middle of now where. After four years of terrible grieving and self blaming Mack receives a note, supposedly from God, inviting him back to the shack for a weekend. Against his better judgement he makes the journey, and the weekend completely changes his thoughts, his outlook and , indeed, his whole life.

To quote from the book cover

" In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant, The Shack wrestles with the timeless question, "Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?" The answers Mack gets will astound you and perhaps transform you as much as it did him"

I loved this book and kept rereading parts again and again. Hence shes not getting it back, ha ha. I have a strong faith anyway, but it can falter at times especially with the horrendous year I have just had, and this book just strengthens it even more.
You know me and quotes, well here's my favourite two from the book.
" You can kiss your family and friends goodbye and put miles between you, but at the same time you Carry them with you, in your heart, your mind and your stomach, because you do not just live in a world, but a world lives in you." Frederick Buechner, Telling the Truth
"Growth means change and change involves risk,
Stepping from the known to the unknown."

I have journalled both of the above and will show you in the next few days.

So then it was back to more journaling as you can see

This is the life...!!!
The locals were all fascinated by the" crazy" , smiley English lady who painted all day, lmao. Everyday they would come and look in my journal and practise reading their English. They were all so sweet. Quite a few asked me to do a page for them, and so That's how I spent most evenings, on commissions, lol.

Unfortunately I didn't photo them all, but here's the ones I did.
This was for Abraham, who was in charge of the boathouse. He got my phone working properly and supplied me with drinks and time checks. I decided I would make him into a little guru sitting atop a magic mushroom. He loved it and much to my embarrassment he fixed it into his brochure and showed everyone on the beach...!!!

This next one was for Salvatore , who became a good friend and insisted on making me Egyptian tea twice a day and regaling me with his stories. The first time he made me tea he neglected to tell me that it was made with leaves. I drank it round down and ended up coughing, spluttering and spitting leaves all around his shop, lol. So I made him into a suited business man, with a Liptons hat and holding an English tea bag. I also stuck some quotes on tags for him.

This is him in the flesh in his perfume shop. It was full of the most amazing oils and the most beautiful glass perfume bottles. Salvatore and Ali were absolutely fabulous, so friendly and welcoming to everyone. At night all nationalities would d gather in there and drink tea. It was like the local meeting place .

The last picture here was done for Salvatores cousin Ali, who was so funny, always laughing and singing and doing a little dance. He wanted me to make him look really macho for the girls, so I did the opposite, for a laugh.

I found this image in a magazine and cut it out.

I painted a background, stuck the image on and added Ali's head.

I them drew some clothes onto a piece of paper.

and painted them in.
I cut them out and added them to the collage.

Doesn't look very macho does he, ha ha

But at least I gave him big builders boots..!!!!

Believe it or not, he really loved it, and both pictures are on display, pride of place in their shop.
Here he is when he finally stopped laughing.

So my whole week was spent, reading, Art Journaling, massaging, drinking tea, and socialising. Absolute heaven. Cant wait for the next time. And if that's whetted your appetite so that next time I go, you want to come with me, well the answers NO...!!!!!! lmao
So I will show you pages from my journal over the coming weeks, but here's two with a Queen theme.

And heres one from the lovely Michelle, aka Ink fairy. This is her first attempt at anything like this and I think she has done a cracking job.

I am keeping the challenge open until next Tuesday evening, for all you late stragglers out there. So thats one more week to send me any images and then they will be judged and prizes dished out... yayy...!!!
Heres a sneak ay my Moleskin Journal.

So, if you are all still awake, that's it for tonight...! Yes I am finally done, in more ways than one..!!!
Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Wow I'm jealous. It looks great and you sound recharged and raring to go. Love the pages their ace.

Sarah Louise said...

Wow Dyan, you sound on fire at the moment. You certainly needed that break.

Lyn said...

Sounds like you had a fab time - you are tempting me to take off on my own for a week LOL !!

Lesley Edmonds said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful week with us. I've always wanted to try an art journal so maybe I just ought to give it a go. I love your blog.
Lesley x

Kaz said...

That sounds like the perfect holiday to me! It must have done you the world of good and how apt is that first quote for while you were away?! xx

sam21ski said...

WOW looks like you had a fab time and met loads of lovely people xxxx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Sounds like you had such a great time. Looks like a fab place to visit.
Would love to have seen the faces on everyone who came across you painting and sticking on the beach.
Priceless. :-)
Thanks for sharing.
Any tips on photographing the pages?? Yours always look so great and so clear. Mine look really dull and not very clear.
Michelle xx

Unknown said...

oh what joy that must have been. This year is the first relax holiday I have had for a long while and went to Kenya but even then the first week we went on safari, the second week was bliss like you had tho.

Glad you are relaxed and ready to go again.

Emma xx

The Crafts House said...

great to catch up with your week..didn't realise how much checking on your blog was my daily habit..good to have you back..sandra

Helen said...

It's good to see you back, love the story of your holiday - I wish I was brave enough to go away on my own... well done you!

Darcy Marshall said...

wow sounds an amazing break, I am a bit anti social too. I think it must run in my family, 2 of my ainties have both been on long haul jollies all by themselves. Loving the journal pages you did as gifts,I'm not getting far with mine, have started a second one LOL

Traceyr said...

Your holiday sounds just what you needed some time to yourself.

Laughed at your commissioned journalling stories.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

i loved reading this post, dy xx

Lady Di said...

I found you through Kate Crane's blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your escapades ... and your art / journals are phenomenal.

Sam said...

Looks fab! Love the journaling on the beach and the boys looked pleased with their pictures. Hope you were careful in the sun as I detected bikini shaped sunburn in the pics!

Dawn said...

Wow - do you know what the penny has finally dropped and I finally get this art journal stuff - I love to craft but would say I'm creative rather than arty but I really want to have a go at doing something like this now, even if it's just the one page.

We've never met but I love your blog and just wish I lived closer so I could attend one of your workshops - thanks for sharing your inspiration

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

I'm catching up on all the blog entries made whilst I've been away on hols and read this one with delight as I've just returned home from holiday having taken a small travel journal and supplies to keep me going when I was away, I love the fact that you just went and did your own thing - extremely liberating and collecting new friends along the way awesome, but I also wrote to say that the Shack is an awesome and life changing book and it's great to hear others who enjoyed it just as much as myself and my hubby, I almost cried from beginning to end, and sat on Boxing Day morning last year claiming - don't talk to me until I've read it, surrounded with a huge pile of tissues but I got so much from it! HOpe the holiday was just what you needed!



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