Friday, August 14, 2009

Me and my girl...!!!

Our Tom,s out tonight so it's just me and Maisie against the world. She went for tea at the girlies flat and then I picked her up. IO asked her what she fancied doing and got the reply "lets go to Asda and get some new pyjamas"... WTF..??? Shes barmy that one. Anyway that's what we did, went to Asda and got some Minnie Mouse pyjamas. Unfortunately they didn't have any in my size, but Maisie says I can borrow hers..!!!
So shopping over with we came home to play and stick and draw and paint and whatever. We then got our jammies on and took supper up to my bedroom.

I took this photo of Maisie.

So she returned the favour by taking this one of me. Thanks a bunch, babe..!!

We feasted on Chocolate Weetos, Bubbly Aero Bar and toasted Cinnamon and raisin bagels with Philadelphia cheese, washed down with Cherry Diet Coke. But if her Dad asks we had a glass of milk and a Rich tea biscuit, OK..??

This was our selected reading matter for the evening...

And I,m in the middle of reading this. My hairdresser lent me it and its fabby. It is written so well that I can visualise the main character in my mind. This is another must have read.

Now you all know I have a bad shopping addiction, and I was making a big effort to conquer it and get it under control. Well not sure what happened today, I had a slight blip, lol. Don't panic it wasn't the usual culprits, shoes and swanky underwear. No I purchased 40 file index books, 120 8inch Christmas baubles, 48 grey tassels and 72 wooden sledges. Yes you heard me correctly and No don't ask lol.

Maisie was trying to predict the future with this one, lol

So now onto some journal pages.

And here's another Queen entry from the lovely Emma. How cute is this canvas..??

Nearly as cute as this..!!!

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

my canvas is no way near as cute as Maisie asleep. Thanks for posting my piccie. Emma xx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Naughty food, big snuggly bed and excellent company. What more could you want.

One thing though, Is it Maisie or you with a fixation for Asda? Lol

Luv Dee xxx

Paper Paradise said...

What quality time you spend with Maisie. She is such a cutie, and so lucky to have such a doting Nanna / Grandma.......

Since you have been away we have become grandparents too. Faye had a little boy, Joshua on 4th April and he's adorable.

Hope to see you soon.
Sue x

borgqueen said...

How big are those baubles!?
Brilliant, cant wait to see what you do with them ;o)
X x x

Dylan said...

Emma, its a pleasure.
Dee, update your flipping blog,lol,!!
Sue, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy xx
Borgqueen, dont be rude about my baubles, its cos I,ve put weight on, lmao..!!

Sharon said...

The mind boggles at your shopping trip!!!
Maisie is so sweet!

Sandra Hall said...

Heyup Dy, just catching up on your blogs since you got back! Maisie looks gorgeous in her Minnie Mouse PJ's! Love your journal pages.... you crazy woman, arting on the beach! Only you Dy...only you. Really glad you had a good rest and enjoyed the holiday. x x

Unknown said...

Awwww bless ... I want a Maisie! DD reckons she is too young ... but what does she know!

As for your choice of reading ... Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my fave books ever and if you have never seen the film ... you must!

Beautiful work BTW!

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Saw your post at 12.05 but didn't get to comment. Computer ran out of power just as I finished reading. Think it was trying to tell me something. :-) So off to bed I trotted.

Masie is just soooooo cute.
Your journeling is Fab as usual.
I love the list of stuff you bought, its both wacky and wonderful at the same time.
Look forward to reading about what you do with all of it.LOL!!!
Michelle xx

Traceyr said...

AAAAAAh - what a great sleepover. The Cat in the Hat is my all time favourite book. :)

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