Thursday, August 20, 2009

At last....

Ok here we go mega post coming up, my penance for missing the last two days...Ooh the abuse I get when I don't post is unbelievable, it makes me laugh that anyone would be interested in the drivel that I spout. But it is a great feeling that many of you follow me and I feel deeply humbled and grateful. Have you noticed I haven't made you all cry for ages, lol, I feel I an now working my way out of the fog and becoming more human again. One of the main reasons for this is the compassion and friendship that I have received from you all, it has meant so much to me and has really kept me going. So thank you one and all "you did good".

A big unexpected thank you to one of my bezzies the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman who has created a fabby layout of ME !!! I think sh e is a fab scrapbooker and have always been in awe of her work. She created 2 of my dearest possessions, a canvas layout of me , and a mini book all about stealing my creative brain (?????) . The fact they were made especially for me means as much to me as the fact that they are stunningly produced. As well as an immense talent she is also one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know. We don't see enough of each other we just leave sarcastic and rude comments on each others blogs, but I love, love, love her to death. xxx Pop over to her BLOG and have a look at it for yourself.

Yesterday was a very busy workshop and extremely rowdy. Not sure if it was the hot weather but they were all at it...!!! We always have a lot of friendly banter going on but yesterday I was getting hit fast and furious from all sides, lol. I wont mention any name (mainly because there were too many to mention) but you know who you are and you are now barred..!!!! Ha ha , only joking but in future - "you know where the bloody kettle is, so make it yourself"...!!!

From L - R Julie, Linda ,Doreen ( my surrogate mum ) and Jane.

Karen ( a complete newbie, who must have thought she had landed in purgatory, with all the sarcasm flying around, but who coped marvelously with the task in hand ) Gill and Jill.

Jane and Marie who I think is indicating that she takes 2 sugars in her tea...!!!

Northern Soulie Chris, Sexy Susie and lovely Katie.

Jeanne, Cath and Helen

Do you think you could pick out the culprits...??? Answers on a postcard please... Just look at the mess they make...
We had a surprise visit in the afternoon. My gorgeous Maisie brought her newborn Cousin in to see us. Welcome baby Sadie. She is 11 days old and absolutely gorgeous. Just look at those cheeks. Unfortunately she didn't wake up even though I was pinching and poking her. Oooh I just wanted to pick her up and drink in that gorgeous baby smell, ah well another day perhaps..

Even though they didn't really deserve it Katie brought Cream cake in for the afternoon, which was quickly devoured, apart from this piece. This was newbie Karen's who says she has never worked so fast in her life, lol. She didn't have time to breathe let alone eat. Don't fret she did eventually get time to eat it and assured me she had a fab time and is now hooked.

I bribed Susie and Katie with more tea and got them packing kits for the Macduff retreat. Amazing what they will do for blue lollipops, isnt it...??

Oh and I just need to clear something up. The lovely Katie is not engaged to our Ben, nor is she pregnant or getting a new puppy, lol, as the blog readers assume. And Ben was fine once he recovered from passing out and banging his head...lmao. No you'll have to wait a bit longer for the exciting news, if you still haven't worked it out.

Sexy Susie never fails me for shoe watch. Check out these beauties...

I need to say some belated thank yous as well. First to the lovely Ann who bought me this massive bunch of my favourite lilies. I have taken them home and they smell heavenly as I walk in the door.
These beauties were from Elaine the Baker.

And I also got a gorgeous bunch last week from the lovely Glynis. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you, you make me feel so special.. Please note it is not mandatory to bring me flowers, but you get first go at the choccie biccies..!!!
So now onto the Queen challenge. Below are all the entries, I do hope I haven't left anyone out...!!! Patty from http://www.lisasalteredart/ will be doing the judging and I will let you all know as soon as she has decided.
The first one is a last minute entry from the lovely Dawn, who has used actual cup cake cases as the drapes at the top. Cool eh..??

A big congratulations to everyone who took the time to enter, they are all fab and I am soooooooo glad I am not judging.
Right heres a little sneek peek and a clue to those of you who havent worked out the mystery yet. We are in labour as we speak, just need to check the estimated time of arrival..!!!
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
What a fab lot of entries for the queen's challenge. I don't envy Patty having to judge it. :-)

The baby is soooo cute, they don't stay small like that for long.
My little man is 17 months and is growing up so fast, it makes me sad. Seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

Sounds like you had a great class yesterday. Very lively!!!!!
They all look guilty to me, but I would love to have joined them. LOL!!!
Your sneaky peak looks very festive and right up my street!!
Was going to order stuff on saturday, might wait to see when your DUE date is. LOL!!!!!
Michelle xx

Virginia said...


I see paper - paper - paper - very excited - when can we get our hands on it, what types are there? How many designs, are their matching stamps ooh the questions I've got, I've got all my blond moment stamps out on my scrap table at the moment because they are so versatile!

On the judging front, everyone did a fabulous job, I didn't enter but having seen the amazing work I may have to next time round and yes I bet your glad you're not judging as they are all fabulous!

Hope you are having a great Friday!



Katy said...

So many gorgeous piccies, the baby is so adorable I'm going to be an auntie in November and I can't wait!! :)

I am loving that sneaky peek got so many things rushing through my mind what I could do with those lush xmas papers!! Don't keep us in suspense much longer :D LOL


Cath said...

My advent house is cut out and just waiting for the right paper to be pasted on before I assemble it. So pleaseeee when is the due date?????

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you crazy trog-la-dike ... its easy to scrap you, youare one tres arty farty lady and one of my bestest bonkers friends xx
So, new papers ey/ Must see more soon :)

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