Friday, August 21, 2009

And the winner is....

Well the suspense is finally over, the judging has been done and the winner has been chosen. Now I kept well out of the judging ring and left it all to the lovely Patty. Heres what she had to say

Crap. Yes, it was hard. I loved them all. I really had two that "called" to me. I love the tin that says "for the sweet toothed" LOL That one cracked me up. In the end...I chose this one...
Hope I did okay. I love the colors and the Cupcake flowers!! How creative!!

Now I do happen to know whos this is, because I had to bully her into submitting the Queen in the first place, lol. Its the wonderfully talented Kate Crane, one of my art journal students. Ring me when you get chance.xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Congratulations Kate it really is a fab page!

Cath said...

Well done Kate your page is fab.

borgqueen said...

Well done Kate - fab page and will be fab suprise on return from your jollies ;0)
Loved this challenge Dy - having never done anything like this in my 40 years I am very proud of my many (!) entries and loved loved loved seeing what everyone came up with - I couldn't've narrowed it down to one so 'Yey' to all of us.
When is the next challenge......?!

Sharon said...

Congratulations Kate. I love your entry.
This challenge took me right out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed taking part.
Eveyone did really well.

Thanks dyan for the opportunity.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Kate, loved your page. :-)
Thanks for doing this Dyan, I think it got a lot of people working outside their comfort zone.
Me for one, and I really enjoyed it. Even though it wasn't that great. :-(
Look forward to your next challenge!!! :-)
It's good to have a topic to work from.
Have a great weekend.
Michelle xx

Sarah Louise said...

Congratualtions Kate, well deserved.

Thanks Dyan for making us do art outside our confort zone. Maybe you could set us homework challenges weekly, lol

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