Sunday, August 16, 2009

Have you seen the size of my baubles...???

Ha ha , look at the size of these beauties...!!! Every one in the studio today has said,

"Ooh I didn't realise they were that big..!!!"

So here's a photo that hopefully puts them in proportion. You wont fit many of those on your tree will you, lmao

And will you all stop panicking about painting them. I wouldn't attempt to teach you all if I didn't think you could manage it, now would I...?? Its like everything else, easy when you know how... I have already drawn the patterns for you, you just need to trace them and you can all manage that cant you..???

Those attending the Annual Art from the Heart Scrap Attack weekend in Macduff - yes you get baubles....yes you get sledges....yes you get mini book....yes you get Christmas patchwork...Yes you get beeswax... yes you get canvas... and many of you get Art Journaling as well. Yayy...!!! hows that then. Hope you are all getting suitably excited as its not long now.

Forgot to tell you all that the Great Northern Papercrafts Show at the Showground, Harrogate is early this year. Me and the Goddess have a mad dash back from Scotland to unload the van, reload it and set up our stand..!!! The dates are 12th and 13th Sept, and you can pre order tickets HERE. I am teaching a breakfast workshop as usual. This year we will be using paints and mediums from Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Line. Now you all know I just love this range and so here's your chance to try it. We will be making a whimsical collage tag, with a resist technique on sticky back canvas You will also have a chance to play with Grunge Board. Yes as usual a jam packed workshop from me. There will be no chance of a snoozy morning, that's for sure, AND you get a goody bag, drink and muffin. Just be warned the last two shows my workshops have been a sell out, so you need to get in and book early. Hop over HERE to place your booking. You pay a deposit and bring the remainder with you on the day. Please, please, please bring the correct change with you on the day and we will love you for ever more.... There are other workshops going on as well and you will find those details as well.

Another eventful workshop today. Oh yes the lights in the shop blew and tripped again. Great, just what we need. I don't really know whats going on with the leccy because we have never had much of a problem before. Anyway nice leccy man came back to fix it but gorgeous thoughtful sexy man was now where to be seen, damn. Was he just a figment of my imagination...???

Class was great, I worked them fast and furious, lol. It was sticky, messy, painty, stampy, grungy riot. Very therapeutic...exactly what you need on a Sunday. We also had cakes and cream cakes coming out of our ears..Yayy..

Here's another entry for the Queen challenge, from Maggie who states that she was totally out of her comfort zone. Cant see it my self, I think she has done a cracking job, just love the fact that she has used one of my adverts in the back ground.

And more journal pages, again straight from the beach..!!!

Got to get my arse into gear tomorrow and finishing designing my new stamps. The Goddess and the Resident bit of Glamour have left these shores today for Aya Napa, so it is just me and our Ben holding the fort. I might be putting a plea out later in the week for volunteers to pack kits etc. The pay's crap, as in non existent, but you get choccie biccies, blue lollipops and lots of laughs. I even let you make tea..!!! Don't all rush at once.
Right need to get moving as I have been msning for the last hour and my bath will now be stone cold..!!! Sees ya tomorrow peeps.
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Love the pages and have to have those baubles!!! :-)
If only I lived closer I would gladly help out. Especially if I could make tea. :-)
Can't wait to see the new stamps.
Hope your bath wasn't too cold.
Am off to the land of nod now myself. Nighty night!!!
Michelle xx

ForgedinPaper said...

Now that's a nice pair of baubles!I knew I was silly to worry about the painting and I can't wait till September it's like counting down to christmas only better. 19 sleeps....

Sharon said...

WooHoo the sledges are coming to Macduff!!
Love the sounds of all the workshops you have planned.

Hentilaggets said...

Oh, when is the Macduff weekend? I live in Aberdeenshire and would love to come along, if there are spaces. Sue.

Muckypup said...

Let me know when you need help (with the packing that is!)If I can help I will. My kids have just been picked up by their grandparents for the week, so I am a lady of leisure. Coming to the workshop on Tuesday...only one more sleep!

Sarah Louise said...

Love the class list for Us Dyan, cant wait now. BUt i am more excited about the journal class, do we need to bring tissues with us as an optional extra.

I notice you use alot of magazine images in your journal pages. Can i ask what magazines you prefere for suitable images please

Sue said...

Dyan, I am so excited!

I was in bother because I didn't bring my mum a pressie back from my hols :( especially as dad got a bottle of gin...Anyhoo, she said to make up for it I could take her to the Papercraft show Harrogate.

Fine, says I, as long as we can pop into the shop of this fabby lady whose blog I follow, I'd love to go to one of her workshops but it's too far...let me check her opening times!

Book the tickets first, says she.

Sigh, best do as I'm told eh ;)

Imagine my joy when I saw the first workshop listed was run by none other that previously mentioned fabby lady!!

Booked my place and now I'm counting down the days :D


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well will you look at the size of them beauties, love what you've done with them.

I can see these hanging on the tree at trafalger square, wouldn't that be a big improvement.

Luv Dee xxx

Kaz said...

What a fine pair you have in that photo.

How spooky that having ME turned you creative too! It's been my saviour. It's also spooky that you have turned crafting into your career, it's what I want to do when I can.

More inspiration, thanks x

Sharon said...

Hentilaggets I read your post about the Macduff scrapattack weekend.
Not sure if there are any spaces left but you could call Sandra Gardiner on 01261 818150
and ask her as she is co-ordinating everything up here.
Just tell her that you read about it on Dyan's blog.
Hope that helps you.

Unknown said...

would willingly lend a hand just for the choccy biccies. I am booked on your workshop at show on the Sunday. If I hadn't already booked then the muffin would have persuaded me.

And wouldn't you look at the size of them beoooties???? they are hooooooge.

Emma xx

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