Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a perfect day..!!!

Today was Maisie day, yayy. The day when I get her all to my self. Oooh priceless. I picked her up at the crack of dawn and scooted around to bezzie Su's. I have been promising her for ages that she can go play with Sus girls and the little minx never forgets a thing. So 8.30 found us knocking at the door..!!! We took flowers and choccie biccies to soften the blow, lol. By the way, we didn't just turn up we were invited...

Su,s house is home to the biggest collection ever of Lego and Duplo. I have never seen so much in one place. Maisie loved it. I had a doctors appointment and so left them to it and when I got back Bekah had made a farm with her and here's Gorgeous George operating the never ending train.
Just like her Dad and Grandad, builders bum..!!

When we were leaving I asked if she had enjoyed herself and had liked it. She replied
" no I didn't like it, I liked it lots and lots and lots of likes.."" yup I,m confused as well.
We then swung round Matalan where we purchased this seasons must have, co-ordinated set of rubber duckies and floats. I managed to avoid buying any shoes because I was informed
"Mama, you haven't got enough days left to wear the ones you have, and they are all the same and boring"
So that told me. Mind you there were some stunning bronze metallic 5 inch lace ups that were to die for. With any luck they will sell out of my size soon..!!!
Maisie needed a wee but the toilets in Matalan were closed so unfortunately we had to improvise with McDonalds. Whilst in there it seemed rude to use the facilities without dining and a Happy Meal was gratefully devoured. She was in shock as she doesn't normally get such pleasures from me. Then it was on to the garden centre to see all the fishes, ponds, plants, frogs, and patterned wellies. Oh yes she was amazed cos they are all fancier wellies than hers.
Finally we arrived home ready to paint her masterpieces. We rolled back the rug, stripped to0 undies ( don't panic, I meant Maisie not me ). and started. First of all she primed the bauble.

Nice one Maisie.

We speeded up the drying time with a hair dryer.

And then base coated it again.

We hung it up to dry and Maisie cleaned up her mess, well you have to start them young don't you..??

Then we started on the wooden trio. Look how carefully she paints, I often forget she is still a toddler. Mind you she has been painting with us all since she was one year old, and Jay is as much a stickler for teaching her properly as I am, lol.

Onto the stars.

And the first hat and scarf had to be her favourite colour.

Just look at the concentration..!!

Then its the noses.

and the spots and stripes for the hats and scarves.

We cheated and she added the eyes and mouth with a Sharpie pen

How proud does she look..??

Awwwww I just love it soooooooo much. She is available for commissions, but be warned her fee always includes an hours trampolining and Fox,s party rings.

By now the bauble was dry so we added the details together.

Painting in the nose.

And then the eyes

She helped with her name on the back and then drew kisses over it.

Oh forget to tell you that this snowman has hair, because Maisie thought he would be too cold otherwise.

So here he is in all his glory.

I was telling her how proud I was of her and how she was so clever that it wouldn't be long before she could come to my regular kids workshops. She thought that was fabby and asked if she could teach some of them...!!!!!! I laughed and said yes, and she could come and teach the ladies as well. She replied
"no thanks Mama, cos they never listen to you"...!!!
How astute is that eh. I thought it was hilarious.. In this picture she was giggling so much that she trumped on my leg, lmao.
Aww I love her to death, she is my little ray of sunshine. Then it was bath and cartoons. She wanted toast, and whilst I was bringing the washing in, it got stuck in the toaster and burnt. I told her I would make some more but she insisted that she would eat it burnt. I said you cant eat it burnt, babe. to which her answer was that's the only way it comes in our house Mama..!!! Priceless...
Enjoy xx


borgqueen said...

Dear Maisie - you are a delight and I love love love your snowmen - even more than Mama's - shhhh, dont tell her will you? Glad you've had a fab day, you'd fit in well here cos I like to burn things too..... x x x

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha ha ha it's burnt toast all the way in this house too :-))) Even set off the smoke alarm tonight making tea (I don't need to regularly check my smoke alarm, I set it off regular enough!) Nice bauble Maisie.

Katy said...

Fabulous piccies!! Maisie you have done a gorgeous job with the bauble and love the snowmen :)


suzyq said...

Dear Dy and Maisie, Thank you for sharing your perfect day with us, it brought back some lovely memories of playing with Lego and Duplo, and being creative and making deckies ready for Christmas with friends and family. It's actually part of our Christmas tradition that we buy Paul(my son, Sarah' brother) a Lego set which he sits and puts together after his Christmas dinner, and he's now 30, we love the stuff and it's all good family fun. Sue & Sarah xx

Paper Paradise said...

Like you said, what a priceless day, just what memories are made of. We had Josh today for a couple of hours and it was lovely, so a full day must be brilliant!
Sue x

Anne Jagger said...


Sharon said...

Awww what a wee honey bun she is. :-)
Sounds like a fab day

Unknown said...

What a love little Maisie is. Fabooolus painting by the little minx. And she could teach me any day and I would listen I promise.

Burnt toast, aaahhh the smells of childhood and doncha just have to laugh at what comes out of the mouths of babes!!!!

Emma xx

kjjc said...

isn't she just the end or is it the way you tell 'em?

ForgedinPaper said...

Love the painting she's a star. A real feel good post.

Sandra Hall said...

Yep Dy, I echo that last comment - I smiled all through this post! And Maisie's painting is fantastic... She's streets ahead of me! Just delightful! x x

flutterbycrafter said...

Awww, she's gorgeous, I can see you've got some competition already. She's made a fantastic job. Grandchildren are soooo precious. Hugs xx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

What a brilliant day you both had, just love that snowman. Def an artist in the making.

Maisie will be taking over the workshop in the not too distant. You could be made redundant or demoted to tea lady, lol.

Luv Dee xxx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

What a lovely day, Maisie is such a little cutie and definately a little artist in the making, i love your snowman darling :) and i burn my toast all the time :o/ my husband cant quite figure out how i manage to get his ok and burn my own every time opps hehehehe

Lynne said...

Sounds like you both had a great time. Maisie your snowmen are fabulous, keep up the good work. xx

Kaz said...

Aaww how cute is she with her funny sayings and trumping, I have that trouble when I laugh too much!!

I can't believe how brilliant she is at painting at such a young age.

Michelle said...

Maisie is just too cute for words!! :-)
Looks like you had a fab day.
Wonder if she would give me some painting lessons??? :-)
Michelle xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Oh that is definitely a perfect day. Maisie is soooooooo sweet, and very clever - what wonderful painting!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

i **LOVE** that she trumped on your leg the most xx
hugs to you - miss you xx

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