Monday, August 17, 2009

Ooooh I might just burst...!!!

You know the feeling when you have got such exciting news that you want to tell everyone. .?That you want to run into the street and shout it as loud as you can.?? Well that's me, I am soooooo excited that I cant decide if I am going to self combust or pee my pants. Probably a combination of the two, so for the next few days stand well Because, yes that's right, I cant tell you just yet. I know, I know, its killing me too, but if I have to suffer then I don't see why you lot shouldn't as well....lmao

All I can say on the matter is, its a new and long awaited addition to the family..!! I am so proud and just cant Frikkin wait, yup CANT FRIKKIN WAIT.....!!!!!

In the meantime I am still running around like a blue arsed fly. I was super organised this afternoon and got the tables ready for the workshop tomorrow, early, and then was even more super efficient and an hour later tidied it all away. Duh..!! But the lovely Katie came round later to pick our Ben up and she helped me get it all out again. Yayy, thanks babe. They then treated me to tea at Brios, how nice was that..???

I have got the busiest 2 wks ever, no make that 4 wks ever. Actually scratch that, I,ve got the busiest life ever...lmao. Anyway no lights malfunction today for a change, but then there wasn't a class and as we all know that's when if any thing's gonna go wrong , it will. I spent the whole day putting finishing touches to a project I,m working on and listening to Les Miserables. You just gotta love that musical, about 2nd chances and triumph over adversary. As they say " Some day my Prince will come"..... Missing the girlies like crazy and they've only been gone a day!!!

And , get this, its only - wait for it - 129 days to Christmas...!!!!! Oh yes apparently the countdown has begun, lol. Who stole the rest of this year. Mum died in February, I blinked and now we are in August.Wtf..???? Talk about time marches on.!

Which reminds me, I keep forgetting to tell you about the new 7gypsies range, at this rate we will have none left. Its a lovely collection, called .Victoria and consists of 6 d/sided papers.

This is the full collection.






and Walker

The rest of the matching items are not due in until September, I,ll try and remember to let you know, lol.

Now I will be in trouble for not telling you about this next lot, as loads of them are now sold out. Oops sorry about that. We are expecting some more this week sometime and will update the web then. They are pads of d/sided good quality paper, 36 sheets for £10.99. Amazing yeah..?? That's why we,ve hardly any left. They can be found HERE

This one is Roam


Urban Rhapsody

Wild Saffron

Que Sera Sera has 54 D/sided sheets for £15.99

and this is the Peppermint twist collection pack £5.99

You will need to be quick if you need them in a hurry, I have 3 busy classes this week and they will get snapped up before you know it.

So now more journal pages from the beach

Oh and I keep forgetting to show you this. Do you think she is secretly plotting a take over...??

Enjoy xx


Katy said...

Oooh can't wait for your news!! loving those papers hmmm papers!!

DGgirl said...

Hi Dyan

Exciting or what?!!!!! Off to see in Pandora is still in stock!!


Lyn said...

ooh you got me all curious now - can't wait for the news !!!
LOL at the fab pic of Maisie !!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

PMSl at maisie moo! She is such a doll.
So the news..... hmmm.
Katie and Ben getting married?
Baby on the way?
You are getting married?
You are pregnant?
The girls are preg?

Harumpsh... make it quick!

wendy vecchi said...

You're engaged???????

Sharon said...

Addition to the family???
Either a baby, an engagement or new papers, stamps perhaps????
Can't wait either way LOL

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
You certainly have everyone wondering now about your news!!
I'm guessing new blonde moments xmas papers and stamps!!!! :-)
Whatever it is if it's getting you this excited it must be good.:-)
Can't wait!!!!
Maisie is definatly plotting something.Keep a close eye on her.
When they look that cute and innocent they're always up to something!!!!! :-) LoL
Love the journel pages.
Michelle xx

angie's blogspot said...

youre getting a puppy?

patcrafts said...

hello dyan, its pat. i have finally got a blogger! i'm not sure i have mastered it yet though ;) anyway, cant wait to hear the news! we have been guessing what it could be. you do know how to create suspense.

Unknown said...

Im sooo hoping its new stamps xxx
Booked on the workshop on the sun of GNPE now just gotta work out how to get to it cos Im no longer allowed to drive! Damn vertigo.
Maisie what a cutie xx-

Muckypup said...

Hi Dyan, thanks very much for a fab day on Tuesday. I have finished my things off and put them on my blog. Just about to set up the meltpot to do my beeswax tag.... P.S tried the crackle glaze and it does work!

ForgedinPaper said...

I hope you haven't burst lol! Only 17 sleeps to go. Love the Maisie photo you will have to watch her closely. I think your secretly grooming her for art world domination!

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