Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fabulous Darlings...

Happy 4th July to everyone across the pond. We had a visitor in the studio flying the flag for Independence today. Alol the way from America is the lovely Maeve (on right) who was over here visiting her friend Lynn. Today,s class was tips and techniques for tags and Maeve was panicking a little as she is a complete novice...Well novice no more, she took to it like a duck to water and did a cracking job.
Here they are L - R Lynn, Maeve, Sue and Chris
Diane, fabulous shoes and Jan

Yes you heard me correctly... Fabulous shoes are coming to the workshops on their own, lol...

Didn't they make some lovely tags..???
So if you need a Little break from your fabulous shoes for the day, send them along to me to teach them a new skill...!!
So onto art journal pages
Fave class tomorrow, Art Journaling...Bezzie Su is nearly wetting herself with anticipation....She doesn't get out much..!!! We are tackling writing and expression tomorrow, something that people really struggle with. But once you are off , you are off. Look at me, I never used to write anything and now I have to tape my mouth shut. I sometimes seem to have more words than space to It is a great release to get it all out of my crazy mixed up brain.. I just need to find the triggers to set people off. Some people will take to it like a duck to water and others will have to be dragged there kicking and screaming... \I have scones to cushion the fear, lmao..
Whatever you are up to Enjoy...xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Su isn't the only one nearly wetting herself with excitement ha ha ha :-)) See you tomorrow x

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

I absolutely love your "latest news"! What a fabulous philosophy on life!

You look like you had great fun in the tag class - thought I'd give you a link to my blog just to show you're not the only one slaving away on projects with deadlines to meet LOL albeit of my own doing - the gift was needed for a birthday present last night and on Thursday night it was still a thought in my head! It's a supersized mini-book with the help of my long suffering husband! it was great fun to make but hard work cramming it all in before I gave it away! But it was so well received!

We're off to buy the sunday papers today so I can do some cutting out for journal pages - my hubby has asked if he can read the pages first! But I've said he'd best be quick - scissors at the ready! Have a fab class.



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