Friday, September 18, 2009

Preview of the Preview.

Preview tomorrow and I am so organised you wouldn't believe it. Every sample is finished, the studio is shining like a new pin and I am cool, calm, and serene..!!! And then I woke up...!!!!
Its the usual mad chaotic time that it always is. So as per, there will be finished workshop samples, 1/2 finished ones and not even started yet, All are extremely gorgeous , of course and something for every one. Lots of painting , as you know it is my mission this year to get you all wielding paintbrushes. Yes I know you are all terrified but trust me, I know a Doctor, honest...!!
There are lots and lots of Xmas projects, cos you know they are my fave and there is plenty to choose from. My new Blonde Moment papers are a dream to work with , you are going to love them.
Also added lots of card classes this time, stamped, collaged, alcohol inked, papered, shimmered, pearled and spritzed.. Will that do ya..???

Heres some peeks for you.

Hope that's wetted your appetite. Come and see us at the studio tomorrow from 11am. All classes booked and paid for receive a 10 % discount, and a chocy biccy, lol.
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Would love to make the advent thingy and the mirror. I love the colours.
Will there be kits??
Am waiting patiently to do my order. :-)
Hint hint!! LOL!!
Have a great preview day.
Wish I could be there.
Michelle xx

Michelle said...

Feel guilty now. Boo Hoo!!
I know how incredibly busy you are.
I can wait.
Big Hugs,
Michelle xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Oh it all looks soooo gorgeous xxx

Traceyr said...

Lots of gorgeous sneaky peaks. :)

Kirsti said...

It all looks fab Dy... Wish we could come down but looks like we have already done some of this lot lol...x

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