Friday, September 25, 2009

Could it be I,m falling in love..!!!

Well I am feeling a little flushed and all the excitement has gone to my head. I have got sweaty palms and the butterflies in my stomach seem to be stomping around in big hobnail boots. I cant concentrate and a urgent feeling of longing keeps sweeping over me. I have to say it is a long, long time since I felt like this. So who is it that's making me react in this way..???

Orla kielly of course and her Autumn Winter releases.

This my fave collection she has ever done, I feel. And this is my fave dress from my fave collection, ;lol. I just love it,love it, love it . And I want it now!!!!!

One of these days I will be the proud owner 0f that dress. I know they cost a fortune, but I think I would live in it!!! And I would team them with these little beauties from Russell & Bromley's. How wicked are these. I have been searching for them for 6 mths, and now here they are.
And some more pages from one of m journals. I loved doing this and time flew.

Yummy...!! Nuff said..!!!!
Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Just look at all dem lovelies. Good job my legs arn't good enough for short skirt lengths, or I'd be a best dressed homeless person in England. Lol. Thank goodness there's no ankle length ons. Phew.

Luv Dee xxx

susie f said...

Yippee, I love them too but wouldn't dare get the pins out, lol!! And I've been coveting those boots for months, don't tell me you have them....??? Very green with envy!!!
Love nd hugs
Susie xxx

Sandra Hall said...

The hotpants would be my em teamed with the patterned tights - add those boots and ta da my kinda style...if only.
The journal pages have me drooling again, I did another page yesterday but its missing that pizazz that yours have. x

Virginia said...

Dyan the collection is great! The journal pages awesome! I've started another art journal having received permission to do so LOL! It's huge - an A3 pad but it's great fun to do. Then I had a jaunt into town to visit a man on the market who sells slightly out of date magazines for between £1 and £1.50 - so £6.50 later and I've got shed loads of images - this art journalling - addictive you mentioned? You bet - love it love it love it!


Hiya chick,
Well we have a problem....
I love her too!!!shes mine!!!

But in a different was because I am in love with her home range, Stuart has treated me to a new amazing quilt cover and matching pillow cases....they both came in boxe with her fabric design on them...soooooooo fab


Helen B said...

No good on my legs Dy but you'd look gorgeous in them. By the way you bought some memories back with the Double Decker vid. I used to hero workship Brinsley Forde, who used to be in Aswad and DD when he was younger.

Hel xxx

cla16e said...

oooh i luuurve orla stuff. I went to visit the shop & was in love. I like the style of the writing & the logo shes has with the leaves.

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