Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you want the truth or something beautiful..??

Just bought this album and it is absofrikkinlutely ace. Just love it, her voice is amazing...

Heres what else is rocking my world this week.

This is my favourite 7gypsies rub on, it is just so random and really appeals to my eclectic nature..!! And now they have answered my pleas and brought it out in a stamp set. Oh yes indeedy, and it is a maaaaaassssssssssiiiivvveeee 12 x 8in (ish). We have just restocked it as it flew straight out last week. Check it out HERE along with their other gorge, gorge large sets

These boots from Moda in Pelle. £200 cheaper than the ones I am craving.....

Bucket bags... This is my FAVE

My girlies....

Full marks for inventiveness but not sure of this headbands durability..!!!

These little beauties are revolutionising my storage problems..
You all know just how much I love my glossy magazines and this is my fave. It is only available biannually, which is just a damn shame really.

Organic crunchy peanut butter. Keep it in the fridge. Take a spoonful and lick it like a lolly. Mmmmmmmm heaven

Purely decedent couture corsets. One day I will have a waist...
And last but not least, late night phone calls from new friends. Thanks K xx

Hope there is something rocking your week for you..
Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

HI Dyan

Loving all the things you put, I'm enjoying my 'homemade' vampire CD inspired by watching the latest True Blood series on TV - just old tracks that all work together, I'm loving the change of colours in the trees - I'm loving the fact it's only 85 days till Christmas LMAO and I'm also loving the Visual Chronicles book my sister bought from you when we saw you at the Great Northern Papercraft show, I've loaned her mine (as I've read it) and she lent hers to me and I have to say it's an awesome read! HOpe you have a fabulous Thursday!

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Hey hun, i want to say thank you so much for popping over to my blog and leaving such a lovely comment on my first art journal page, i really do appreciate it, and now i know its not complete cack i shall do another :) WOW how much do i want those boots there gorgeous !!!! and that new stamp set looks great xxxx

Bobs said...

Check out this place ......

for the most amazing, beautiful, incredible corsets - EVER!

Bobs xxx

Darcy Marshall said...

haha I am totally with you on the peanut butter, I have had to stop buying it. It never gets as far as a slice of bread..

fridge..spoon..belly, that's how it rolls lol

susie f said...

OMG!!!! I bought the Paloma Faith album yesterday and blasted it the car all the it!!!!

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