Saturday, September 19, 2009

Natural beauty...???

Just spotted this and I love it. Makes me feel better about myself and my poor body image...!!!


Lesley Edmonds said...

Indeed - maybe if we could see those 'beautiful people' as they really are, when they just get out of bed in the morning - they're not so different from us after all.
Thanks Dyan.
Lesley x

kjjc said...

fan******tastic. wonder if they could do that with my body. lol

sam21ski said...

Too True - TFS xxxx

flutterbycrafter said...

Where do I book the appointment? Thanks for sharing this. xx

suzyq said...

Oh to look like the before picture! OOoops think i must have missed the point:)Lol. Taa very muchly i needed that today! x

Laura (Faerielore) said...

I think magazines and bill boards should do less airbrushing and show us the real thing, would definately make us feel a lot better about ouselfs, failing that where can i get me one of these hehehehe

Sharon said...

Thanks for finding that and sharing it. It has really made me smile.

Kirsti said...

Hey I am definitely with you there Dyan... My body could be doing with a few lifts, etc just like that but at least I know I am real lol...x

Unknown said...

fab Dy. I found this one as well. Brill!!!!!! video preso da qui:

Emma xx

Michelle said...

I can't see anything??
Just a box with an x in the corner.
Could do with something to make me not feel a crappy about my body.
Hope you had a great preview day.
Michelle xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

i cant believe it, are you telling me people really dont look like that when they get up in the morning, oh my illusions are shattered, am I the only beautiful person left on the planet, ROFL

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