Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 1 in lovely Norway

A lovely day was had by all, can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

Enjoy xx


Potatoejam said...

Get yourself over to Canada in Langely BC. Clipper Street needs you!!!

Michelle Webb said...

I think the shop is awesome, I NEED to go over. I actually think the Dylusions section was bigger than Tim's section. I think you've finally arrived Dyan, you've defo got one up on him there. The display looks amazing too, I bet you feel so proud of yourself, and you deserve it with all your hard work. Michelle x

Arts by Sara said...

OMG... It looks like so much fun!!! Everyone is so happy and enjoying learning from both of you lovely ladies!!! Someday, I will be able to attend one of your classes and I promise I will talk off you ear! LOL! Have a fabulous day!

texasbarb said...

Looks like everyone is lovin' the class!! Please come to TX again!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Dyan! Thanks for teaching me the accordian stiched book class in Hobbykunst Wednesday 19th of December this year. I realy loved your style and your an amazing woman! I hope I will get the chance to come to another class maybe next year in Norway. Hope you will get plenty of time with your family. Enjoy Christmas - happy Christmas to you! Hope you get an exciting 2013, and I am looking forward to buying some of your new stuff when it's due in the shops! Hugs Jeanette :)

Unknown said...

Still miss you :) Hugs from "Bert"

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