Saturday, August 22, 2009

The things I make her do...!!!

I have a mates who I would count as bezzies, the gorgeous Kirsty Wiseman, the completely bonkers Lisa T and of course Bezzie Su. Kirsty and Lisa T live miles away ( boo hiss ) but Su lives on my doorstep. Now this has its advantages and its disadvantages... Narr scratch that it is only

So today's adventure I roped her in on was re doing the show demonstration stands.

For the last 4 yrs they have been covered in Blonde Moments papers, and I thought I would like to paint them in my own imitable style.

I spent most of Friday night stripping them down, which was not a job for the faint hearted..!! So after a good sand from Su, this is what we started with.

I primed them whilst Su.......err drank tea......!!!

And then I painted them whilst Su.....drank tea...!!!!

Actually she was making tea, washing up, drying the stands and eating lollies, lol.
I then drew the designs on.

And we based them out in white. Now Su has never done anything like this before and was really nervous, but I had faith in her and just guided her along the way, step by step.

Now the fun begins. Adding the colours.

Essential supplies....

Think she needs a bit of a sugar rush...Actually that was her fee for the day..!!!

This is my stand, with basic design added.

Su,s favourite bit was painting the spots.

The shading is what takes the time but it makes everything come alive.

Now its time for the details. The outlining and snow.

And that's my one finished. This is Su,s before I added the finishing touches. Didn't she do a fab job once she lost her nerves...???

And here they are in all their glory. How gorgeous do they look...?

Here we are, after pulling a 12 hour shift, tired but happy.

We had a fabby day, Su is so proud of herself and so she should be, because on a large uptight surface its actually loads harder than I make it look....

Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Just how fab do these look.

A very good job well done. And yes painting on an upright surface is far more difficult to do, especially when you get near the floor, the worst bit by far unless you are a contortionist, lol

Luv dee xxx

Katy said...

These are fabby!! Very festive and funky love them :)


Diane.W. said...

Awww,how luvly!!!
They look amazing & Su is a good friend,I think she did fab.
You must have been hyper with all those colours & sugar in those lollies,LOL!!! :o)x

Paper Paradise said...

Well Dyan, what a fantastic job you both did. Sue is right to be proud of what she's done!!!! They'll look great at the shows.
Thanks for the recent comment about our little grandson, he's adorable! Really hop to see you soon.
Sue (and Paul) x

angelwhispers said...

These are fantastic!! you both did a great job just love um!! x

Lesley Edmonds said...

Wow!!! Fabulous!
Lesley x

sam21ski said...

They look fantastic, great job by you both xxxx

Helen said...

The new look stands are great - can't wait to see them in person.

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow,these are fab, you both worked really hard, but well worth it when you see the results. Can't wait for Christmas when I see these beauties. xx

Unknown said...

How fab are those stands. You will have to make them into stamps if you have'nt already. keep up the good work.


Darcy Marshall said...

Aww they both look great, really bright and funky, they will be the best stands at the show.

Julie Smith said...

I love your designs, the shading and detail really bring them to life

Kaz said...

Wow, they are amazing! Well done you two.

patcrafts said...

Well done both of you, can't wait to see these at the show. Yes I can see Christmas stamps coming.

Pat xx

Sharon said...

Both stands are stunning!
Net you both had a lot of fun in the process.

Chris Steer said...

You both done good!! Well done the new stands look fab xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan and Su,
What a FAB job you both did on the stand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :-)
How about doing big canvases for walls, then we could all have you in our homes for christmas!!!! :-)
I have the perfect place all sized up and ready. LOL!!!
You are really getting me in the festive mood. I can't wait.
I might even start making my cards tonight.
You know what would really look nice on those cards.........?????
Yes you guessed it. Some of that lovely paper you were teasing us with. Any news yet??? lol :-)
I know I know I'm a pest.
But I am lovable, HONESTLY!!!!!
Michelle xx

borgqueen said...

I totally agree how fab they look -and they are even better in real life.
My body aches -I can recommend Dy's paint teaching but not 12 hours on the studio floor... although I'd do it again any day ;o)
Dy did good, i just did good at following instructions and eating lollies.
Have decided to make my A-Z album of this summer holidays - except there isnt enough room under 'C' for all the Christmas stuff - never thought I'd say that about 2 weeks off in August X x x

Unknown said...

woop woop, I can't wait to see it in real life when I come up to the show in a couple of weeks. Lookin good ladies. Emma xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

flamin nora, they are bloody fantatsic - a real show stealer. You are a never ending bag of tricks Dylan Raver!

Siobhan Brignull said...

these look absolutely great, really eye catching, just dont tell Bezzie that xmas wont do for whole year, LOL

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