Sunday, August 23, 2009

spots, spots an more spots...

Well I woke up this morning propped up in bed with my lap top on my knee half way through writing the last blog post...Wtf..???? Not sure what happened there, lol.

Any way today was Art Journaling workshop..Yayy.. Lots are on their jollies so I knew it was going to be nice and relaxing and it was. A perfect way to spend a Sunday, don't you think..??

Here's some of my journals, they look cool all together like that don't they..???

There was big congratulations today for the lovely Sarah , who is now known in blog land as Super Sarah Superpants, as she got top grades in her A levels and got into her chosen University to study medicine...You go girl..xx

I,ve been doing a lot more painting, Love this..Might be persuaded to make it a workshop next time..!!!

And how gorgeous is this hanging..??

Bezzie Su and Super Sarah Superpants finished painting the spots on the top of one of the units. It,s their favourite thing to do at the mo, paint spots. Easily pleased bless them..!!!

Just see what a difference it made when I added the shading.

And finally I added the outline and detail.

So this is what I did today..

I just love folk art painting , it is soooooooooooo relaxing.

Lots of you have asked about commissions and the answer is possibly. I am stacked out at the moment until the end of September , but I could think about doing some then. Its feels strange going back to my painting roots. This is how I first started out, painting commissioned pieces for people. I.m also going to do some massive canvas's of the trees for my living room wall. Ooh I can feel a grotto theme fast developing, lmao. Prob a good job the kids have left
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Aw Dyan,
What are you trying to do to me. LOL !!!
That little lot is totally FAB!!!
My Hubbie thinks I am gone mad with all this christmas talk.
What does he know. lol
I have that tree and the baubles on my order but I was planning on using some of your papers to cover them.
I can tell you now they will never look that good. Boo Hoo!!!!
Where do you get all your energy???
Michelle xx

Michelle said...

Forgot to ask did you get my e-mails??
I know how busy you are just wondered if they got through to you.
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

yup, I got them. Sos I am a bit maxed out at the mo, with The Goddess being on her jollies, lol. Will reply soon honest..x

flutterbycrafter said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, not much more to em. Hugs, and thinking of you Ann xxxx

flutterbycrafter said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, what else can I say....just love 'em. Thinking of you, hugs Ann xx

Virginia said...

Dyan they are all fabulous, your postings in the last few days have definitely got me in the festive mood! I was even talking Christmas presents the other day - my other half thinks i've lost the plot - but then he's used to that!

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday morning



Anne Jagger said...

Just love EVERYTHING! (But what's new???) LOL!
See you soon for Art Journalling. Yay!
Love Anne x

Sandra Hall said...

Well Dyan, you've come up trumps again! The stands look fab! I love your choice of colours ... Christmas sure comes early at yours!

patcrafts said...

Dyan I missed the Art Journal class yesterday, when I saw your blog I thought OMG i hadn't realised it had come round so soon. I will need to look at your wokshop list more often.

angelwhispers said...

Dyan what fantastic goodies!! this is just what christmas is all about they are simply beautiful xx

Sharon said...

What a productive day!
I love them all.

Kaz said...

Lots of loveliness here again.

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How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

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