Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New downloads...yayy....

Oooooh exciting news tonight, the gorgeous patty from lisas altered art has agreed to judge the Queens competition for me. Yayy, cos there was no way I was gonna do it. I wouldn't know where to start, the standard was so high I would have had to declare you all winners. Anyway the heat is off me now, and Patty doesn't know any of you all so it will be really fair.. I will be keeping the competition open till next Tuesday and then it will be judged. If you haven't entered yet, c,mon get your arse into gear now. If you have no clue what I am on about, here are the rules...
1 hop over to the website HERE purchase one of the Queen download sheets and make something using one of them. Anything you like..

2 send me a photo of it to put on the blog before next Tuesday evening.

3 stand back and cross your fingers..!!

So c,mon what are you waiting for..???

Got a lovely surprise from Patty this evening. She sent me some of her NEW, yes that's right NEW, downloads...Check these little beauties out..

This is a Domino sheet, just love it..

Bottle caps, I think these will be ace under 7gypsies clear acrylic buttons...

Halloween bottle caps. I,ve never been that struck on Halloween before but Patty is slowly converting me with these ace images..

And these slides are a must, its the law...

They can all be found on her website HERE last one there's a sissy, lmao. OOh check out $1.00 Wed as well, that has to be a must have. Must remember to order that one
Got a few new journal pages to show you, both done in Egypt.

I managed to slip in part of my boarding card on this one.

altered book page and doodling.

That was the first page done on Egyptian soil, well in the hotel room, , and I was feeling a little scared and fragile, lol.
This was the 2nd one, done on the beach at 7am. This one is about my faith and the fact that my God was looking out for me. He was everywhere I looked, the sand, the sea, the sky. It was a week when I just needed to let myself relax safe in his capable hands.

Ha ha , Yes it is actually pink..!!

You can always tell when I am taking the photos in my room at night, cos they always come out yellowy, lol. Michelle you asked for tips on making your photos looked good - you asked the wrong gal.. I am a point, shoot and hope for the best, lmao... One of these days I will invest in Photo shop, but for the moment I,m happy that at least they are on..
The girlies have been round tonight, They go off on holiday on Sunday to Ayi Napa, and so were on a bit of a scrounge. Its a good job I,ve just been on my jollies cos I now have no suitcases, bikinis, dresses, suncream, nail polish and toiletries...!!! By they are getting really good at this lark, lol.. Ah well, that's what Mum's are for..
Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Having worked out a bit more of this technology stuff, thought I'd actually leave you a message for a change.

I love reading your blog and seeing your artwork. You make me smile, you make me cry, but most of all you make me inspired.

Is there another way to take photo's. I thought point and click was the way to go, lol. Will have to investigate that one next.

Luv Dee xxx

InkyArtitude said...

Hi Dy, glad to know that you had a great holiday... well done you! Re the photo yellowing - take a look here
This is a great little gizmo and should put an end to yellowing and shadows and it packs away into a contained little unit. I think you'll love it! Lynn

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Maybe its because your work is so good that it's a dream to photograph. :-)
I had a look at the link Lynn gave you and it looks very interesting.

I might invest myself the next time I have a few spare quid.
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Hi Dee, welcome to blogland, lol. This is where all your spare time will disappear in a puff of smoke..!!
Hi Lynn, thanks for that BUT, I would have ro actually set the thing up, lol. My photos are normally taken on the spur of the minute at my desk or in bed..!!! Dont think I could fit it on my bed, would have to get rid of the printer, lmao. Could be good for Ben though.

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