Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pokeable white space...!!!

*EDIT* Dina rang, she got the flight departure wrong..!!!!! she flies at 11am, not 2pm...Aaaaaaaaaaaargh...!!! yayy hardly any sleep....

Day 2 of Dina's Art Journaling Techniques......well I closed my eyes for a second, blinked, and it was morning...Wtf..???? ah well, quick cuppa, ablutions and throw some slap on, de-ice the car, get stuck in traffic, alternative route,  collect  Dina, get nearly to work, realise forgot to pick Our Ben up, short detour, arrive at  the studio, crank the heating up, get the kettles on, dole out the kits, another cup of tea, organise the troops and we're off...!!!!

Now they may all look extremeley well behaved, but don't let that fool you for one minute...!!! |Shortly after this photo the giggles started and slowly descende into a mini melange of hilariousness. I won't mention the culprits names but you know who you all are, lmao..
Todays workshop was just as wonderful as yesterday, despite me being slightly stressed at wrong deliveries and the fire alarms going off repeatedly. The challenge today was to complete a journal sheet with a least 12 different layers. Heres mine part way through the build up.

And here they all are hard at work.

And some of their beautiful work

Here's my finished pieces from the morning

and this one from the afternoon. I just love this one. It is a year today that I was stood in the cold at Mums funeral. Finally everything has come round full circle and there are no more anniversaries to get through. I dedicate this to her for Mothers Day.

Everyone had a fabulous day and left with stunning works of art. Dina is a little treasure and it was a privilege to be in the workshop. She taught us all some amazing "tools" to make up our "toolbox". Nothing was too much trouble for her and she took the time to make each and everyone of us feel special. She was more than happy to impart with her knowledge and enable us create our own masterpieces, and all for Diet Cherry Coke and blue lollipops.....

Here are some pages from her large journal which is absolutely breathtaking

At night although we were absolutely drained we dragged ourselves to the Mexican and had a beaut meal.

Right I,m off now as I have to take Dina to the airport in the morn and I have tons of emails to reply to.

Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, I don't have the words to describe what beautiful, stunning,fabulous art has been created. I am totally overwhelmed. What a creative lady and how generous that she imparts it to us all. Sounds as though she's one in a million.

SueC said...

You all look like you had a fabulous time and made fabulous pieces of artwork. I wish I could have been there. Ah well 'twas not to be! I shall just have to take her online class.

JaneyB said...

Morning Dy

Thank you so much for the fabulous two days at Dina's workshop. I had a totally awesome time and have not stopped yacking on about it since I got home! I know Dina was the tutor, but that didn't stop me from surruptitiously glancing to my left every now and then to see the stunning stuff you were doing!!
It was such a treat to be lucky enough to have another brilliant tutor, other than you, to blow my mind with fabulousalaciousness!!!
I absolutely loved your afternoon piece, and I love it even more now I realise the inspiration behind it. I wasn't aware that it was another one of your milestone 'big days', and for that I'm sorry cos I would have given you an extra big hug, rather than a big hug. Having said that, 'you did good girl'.
You inspire me Dyan! You inspire me to be more open, more confident, more WTF!, more creative, more vulnerable, more of me. You inspire me to reveal more of me. You inspire me to know that it's ok to be me. You inspire me because you are you, and the you you are now is such a more rounded person than the you I first met, despite all the baggage, all the trauma, well that makes me confident that whatever life throws at me, somehow I will get through. Because you did!
Did that even make sense????????????
Anyway, you remain my hero and I'm grateful for every second I spend at your place!!! Thankyou!!

PS, gosh that lot sat next to me at the end of the table - what a rowdy disruptive lot!!


Kirsti said...

|Brilliant work from everyone...glad it all went well...have a great day and try to slow down a bit woman before you do yourself an injury....xoxo

ForgedinPaper said...

Those pages are all fantastic. Hope you booked her again for another round.

Sandra Hall said...

Dyan, I had the most stupendously fab time...and thank YOU for being the hostess with the mostest! You were there to enjoy the day too, but you were still 'giving it out' in Tutor mode making sure we were all happy with our work! Love you all the more!
I'm glad I got to sit next to you... A/ I could bounce ideas off you and B/ I saw your creations in their various stages so it consolidated the layering business!

Jude said...

Love, love, love it all!!! The pages everyone made look amazing - love their intricacy and the dreamy effect of the layering. Sounds like a fab time was had by all, Dina sounds like a fantastic teacher and a lovely person. xxx

olive said...

looks amazing... wish i could have been there, maybe next time. All the pages look so creative, explosive, colourful and full of imagination.... well done everyone. Hope Dina gets her flight ok. Ciao

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Another fab day and the pages are gorgeous !!!!!

Carmen said...

These pages by everyone just look stunning and have actually made me quite teary. Daft mare. I blame the lurgy I have at the mo. Beautiful work everyone.

susie f said...

What is the matter with me??? When I see a camera I either gurn, get all my chins out or grin like a loon!!!
Had a lush day babes, see ya Sunday, mwah xxx

thekathrynwheel said...

I'm sooooo gutted that I couldn't come to these classes :-( It looks so fab *sigh*
kate x

Julie Kirk said...

Thank you for organising such a great day and for arranging for someone as amazing as Dina to teach somewhere near enough for me to get to! I had such a good time:D

Dina said...

So fun, I said, I loved every second of it. Thanks for being so lovely and fun and fantastic!

Siobhan Brignull said...

what ab fab work by all of you, loving all the layers, note to self, must find more time to learn journalling. ooh SueC mentioned online class, more details please

olive said...

just to let you know Dyan, I got in touch with the folks at Crayola and they dont have the Portfolio Oil Pastels here in England!!! Looks like they will have to come from somewhere else... good isnt it! have a great weekend teaching. Ciao

Valencia said...

Hi Dyan These pages look fantastic i am blown away with it all everyone must have enjoyed this one we are bringing my sister in May to the weekend part two and so we have had her to virginia,s for an afternoon of art journaling and she loved it we had her Daughter and Grandson doing it too so throughly family art day was had by all

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