Monday, March 1, 2010

The madness has begun.....

EDIT *** oops thought I published this last night nut must have pressed save instead. Duh!!!

Just look at this gorgeous work of art from the lovely Olive. She made it especially for me for my birthday. She's a doll. (Olive that is)

She will be turning up tomorrow with homemade cake, as usual, Some people are luvvly arent they. As my Dad was soooo fond of saying

"Its  nice to be important, but its more important to be nice" !

Today saw Lance from Rusty Pickle arrive at the studio to teach. As usual he delighted the ladies and had them eating out of the palm of his hand, He just has this knack, lol.

He also did me a great favout and saved me 5 hours travel, by bringing Dina to mine.  Here she is catching up on all her facebook news.

She is so funny, she wanted to go to a shop to get chocolate to take home, but she wanted that many bars, we had to go to the wholesalers and buy them by the box!! :ooks like there will be a lot of excess luggage that she will need to dump before flying.

well my eyelids are actually drooping. Quick I must run and  take full advantage..!!lmao

sees you all tomorrow

Enjoy xx                                                          


ForgedinPaper said...

Still bummed I'm missing the classes. Dina is a girl after my own heart though as Star Bars are one of my favs. Have fun a tthe classes.

SueC said...

Looks like you had a good time with Lance.
Olive's art work is fabulous - so when are you gonna dye your hair pink then?????
Lol Sue x
ps wish I could be there tuesday/wednesday with Dina - fancy getting her there on a weekday when we are all at work!!!

Kirsti said...

Chocolate - now there's a lady after my own heart....looks like your Rusty Pickle class was a lot of fun - can't wait for tonight but it's bloody snowing again - please make it stop otherwise I won't get there (hate driving in snow now)...xox

YourValuedAssistant said...

Wow I love Olive's card, beautiful colours, really like the collage style. Happy Birthday Dy! Hope you get thoroughly spoilt by your friends and family. xx

Angela Weimer said...

Happy Birthday. Last nights class was great I am just finishing it up today. Belle had a great time too and cannot wait till halfterm to come again. she could not wait to show her daddy what she had made. Have a great day. Angela

Kirsti said...

Oooh is it your birthday today...knew its was around this time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS.....Have a great day...xox

suzyq said...

Hi hun Thank you, Lance and Dina, (and not forgeting the lovely ladies), cos i had a fab time. Didn't get home til quarter to midnight though. Some bright spark had closed huge sections of the Leeds ring road and so was diverted to goodness knows where, and with my sat nav not working and no map in the car *&%$%^.It all turned out well though as i pulled over and had a brain wave and phoned our Trish and as it turned out i was only minutes away from hers. so popped in to show her what i'd been up to. The whole family was amazed at what we had made. enjoy the next 2 days with Dina and have the happiest of Birthdays. Don't forget You're worth it!!!! sue x

borgqueen said...

sooooo excited to see what you were up to with Dina and sooooooo gutted I could only peak for 5 mins - it all looked so brilliant - blog followers can only hope you've taken some pictures through the day.
Now I need to sort the art journal cirlcle list - if you are playing but haven't given Dy your name, address and email please can you asap?

borgqueen said...

and how many birthdays are you going to have this year? ......

Clare with paint in her hair said...

looks like a fab class!! shame i couldnt make it.

Good news is tho Odeon has given in and are showing Alice in wonderland now and in 3D!!

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday Dyan!!! Enjoy your day!!! Hope it's filled with much laughter & joy!!!
Olive's piece is gorgeous!!!

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