Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sisters are doing it for themselves.....

Well my Cath Kidston Cowboy addiction is slowly being fed. The other day at Dinas class the ever so gorgeously slim looking Lucy brought me one of the mugs. Yeeha.!!

and the lovely Manx Lyn, who has been stopping at mine bought me these...

It is a wash bag, flannel and towel

all wrapped up in Cath Kidston paper and ribbon.....

Todays class was really cool, but I had to clean up straight away for the birthday party coming in. It was for one of my regulars, Amelia. Just check out the cool cake her Grandma had made for her.

Then it was another quick side away and the weekend art journal ladies were taking their seats.

Lyn, Mandy and Diane

Jane, Liz and Ann-Marie

Marie, Ann and Emma

Trish, Michelle and Margaret

Gill, Joy and Jane

Glue sticks at the ready and they're off....

The lovely Mandy brought me this lovely book

So on to today,s classes. We started with prepping the pages and paint effects. This led us nicely into colour theory and colour and emotions. Always very thought provoking... We then did a couple of spreads. The first by picking out one of my colour/emotion cards, and then by working with an image that had been chosen for you by someone else. I forgot to take photos, but rest assured they were fabulous. Anyone walking in would never have guessed they were beginners. I was worried that this group had a lot to live up to as the first group were such superstars, but at the moment they are on equal footing. Of course we had the usual tears from people, it is very contagious so once one goes we all go. If you werent crying at your own spread you were crying over every one elses..!!!!  But it is extremely empowering the feeling of release that it produces, and very very difficult to explain. But I find it a great privilege that once again, these wonderful women are comfortable enough to share their voices with others. Their courage and openess knows no bounds. We were then exploring writing down uncomfortable things and shredding them, enabling us to get used to expressing ourselvers with no other person being a witness to it. And then we did a ghost writing tecnique.
Iam sorry I didnt take any pictures today, I am always so absorbed in whats going on in class. However, the  lovely Ann had organised a wee surprise for me....

Thanks sweetie, and thanks to Diane who made it. It was surprisingly a Ginger cake and was gorgeousness itself...

Olivers fish n chips for me, Maisie and Jay , writing this, then going to pass out, lmao..

I,m leaving you with this in honour of my fabulous weekend ladies.  Sisters you're doing it for yourselves.

Enjoy xx


SueC said...

Gosh, I should think you are shattered - all those classes, parties and emotions flowing.
Anyway, I hope the move goes well for you and that you settle into your new home with relative ease.
Sue x
ps both your cake and the party ones are fabulous. such talent.

ForgedinPaper said...

Lovely pressies and both the cakes are fab. Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

I'll never tire of saying this - I feel you are a truly amazing and inspiring woman and I feel so privileged that you call me friend. May your angels always keep you safe. axx

Virginia said...

I think I had withdrawal symptoms knowing what you'd be doing today and all the tissues and crying and smiling and hugging and colour and labels and tags and emotions and thoughts and cutting and magazines and well all the lovely things that make day two on the art journaling course just so awesome! So much so that I had my Mum over and my sister Melanie and my Aunty Vanessa and my cousin Sabrina and my cousin's son Jace and we art journaled and chatted and drank tea and had much fun and Sabrina brought Sonny Kay whose 7 months old and thought the newspaper on the table was just for him and he was so good and Jace loved it and much fun was had by all then they left we had tea and then I set it all back out and we've painted and pasted and cut and stuck and had a thoroughly lovely evening art journaling with the two men in my life - such a beautiful evening - hope you are having a beautiful time hun - enjoy your rest tonight

Virginia (Little Miss War and Peace)

gayle said...

Aw, happy birthday for next week Dy! I have really got to get to one of your art journal classes one of these days, hurrah for those brave ladies tackling their feelings (and their art journals!) head on xx

maddy hill said...

i havent visited in a while .. sorry ! did'nt know you where moving ... please put your new addy at the side , im due for a crafty visit to harrogate - dont want to go to the wrong place ! lol ...
i remember when my friend and i came , we spent ages rummerging through your bargain baskets !!!

the classes look alot of fun !! ..
from maddy - leeds x

Anonymous said...

Your fave things (former post) are so yummie! I drooled over it... and yes, teaching is so rewarding! It fills your heart with joy isn't it? Hope you had a lovely weekend and good luck with the moving!

Dina said...

I was thinking of you this weekend...wish I could have been there!! :) Hugs & smooches from AZ.

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