Friday, March 26, 2010

I,m no fool, I,m just upside down..!!!

The Friday of Fabby Dabby weekend is always manic. Theres shopping to do, sorting, cleaning, kit finishing offing, equipment to sort, not to mention all the prep for the Preview day, not to mention that we are still not quite relocated. So which complete and utter idiot gave our Em's the day off..??? Err that,ll be me then...lmao...Sometimes I do worry about myself...!!! Luckily 2 of my lovely ladies very foolishly,( sorry very kindly ) came to the rescue and worked their magic. Thankyou Emma and Elaine, you are both darlings and your hoovering and cleaning table skills are beyond belief...!!!!!

Bezzie Su popped in to make a cuppa and somehow managed to give me 5 chins, not an attractive look, methinks..!!!

First workshop - tags with a faux bleach inked effect topped with a dollop of downloads and a sprinkling of embellishments..

The lovely Elaine the baker came bearing gifts. She always bakes but this time I think she went a bit barking. We have Rocky Road, coconut slice, banana bread, chocolate cake, corned beef tray bake and my favourite ever, ever, ever, strawberry pavlova....

Thats not me pinching a bit, it's Bezzie Su...!!!!

So now its time for dragon update.

Here he is stuck in traffic..

Think you are going the wrong way Alain.....

Aaah thats where we are going....

He then rang home to tell me how much he is missing me..
They maybe looking after him real well, but ther's no substitute for a Mums love
 Keep forgetting to post the next video. Its from the Dina Wakley workshops and is made by the gorgeous Milliande..Justche ck it out. Milliandes contact details are on the info of the vid.

so Day 2 tomorrow and then the dreaded clocks go I already don't have enough time in my 34 (I wish..!!) hour a days activities at the moment, so how can they nick an hour, just like that..??

In the meantime
Enjoy XX


Sandra Hall said...

How come I never end up on workshops with Elaine the baker!!!
Enjoyed this installment of "The Ranger wanderings of a kidnapped Dragon" See you tomorrow...yay!!!!!x x x

JaneyB said...

Oh my big whacking granny's pants!!! Milliande is fantabulacious!! It's like Dina's class the Sequel! thanks for sharing it cos it brought the memories right back, and Marianne, if you are reading, I'm lovin what ya doing!

Verity xx

Blueyez49423 said...

Love the video!! How cool to see all the journal pages!!
On the plus side, dragon is on his way out of New Jersey!!

olive said...

I think my efforts of cake baking fall seriously short of Elaine the baker!!!!! looks like fun, nothing like having nothing to do Dyan...... have a great preview day. Tell Bezzie Sue to make her own stuff and stop pinching.. thats why she come to AFTH!!!! Keep the faith. Ciao

PS Thompson or is it Thomas Cook are doing CHEAP holidays to Eygpt!

Juliwan said...


Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott