Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yayyyyyy 2nd CHA Winter demo video is up.....

Ok the move is now officially driving me mad, I cant find a frikkin thing until the time when I dont need it any more and then ,miracle of miracles, up it pops...Today we began packing up for the GNPS show and could I find all my display boards..???? Could I frizz...!! Now you can't exactly miss them, there is a whole pile , obviously in that blooming "safe place"...lmao.  So amidst all the thousand and one other things I had penciled in for today, I had to start and make 13 new display boards. Now I love doing new display boards, but 13 all at once is a bit of a nightmare.  Heres what my desk looked like at 8pm tonight. Correction, my 3 desks as I seem to have spread out a touch,!!!

I still have a load of finishing touches to add to them so I will make this a short post.

I will leave you with the other video I made at CHA Winter. This one is using the Perfect Pearls, tried to sneak mine in, lol, with UTEE on the top to create stunning results. Oh and no comments about the accent. It is not a posh voice I bring out for special occasions, it is my "concentrating" voice. Apparantly whenever I am demoing or teaching to a large group that voice comes out..!!! lol. I think most people, judging by the blog comments, expect me to speak with a reet broad Yorkshire accent. Thats only after 3 Desperados and 4 Vodka Red Bulls...lmao.  Anyway the link to Ranger to see Videos by the likes of Tim, Suze, Claudine, Wendy and little old me is HERE.

Enjoy XX


Kirsti said...

Gosh Dyan...your posts are getting earlier every day - I can actually comment when I am still fully awake...lm(ws)ao...Now I WANT ALL OF THOSE STAMPOTIQUE STAMPS you have in the fist piccie...they will have to wait tho - away my holidays next week - JOY!!!...x

Diane said...

Thanks for that demo, Dyan, I shall defo have to try that one - great!
Diane x

ForgedinPaper said...

Videos are ace and much better than what I'm mean't to be doing ... the dreaded ironing. Going to have a go at that one. Thanks for the fallen angel love sent my way it was a nice cheer me up.

Tracy said...

Ahhhhh lol we all know how good we all are at popping things in a safe place!!!!
Don`t laugh but i watched the tutorial and love it and have that stamp..anything with hearts and i have to have it.....BUT my oldest took the headphones away so i couldn`t hear a thing,lol,so i didn`t hear your "Concentrating voice" ahh well a great excuse to watch it again!!!
Will definitly give this a go.
Big hugs

Lynne said...

Great demo Dyan!!! Love the look of the Perfect Pearls!! Def going to have to try this!!

PS Love the voice!!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

thanks for the demo, chick. I was having trouble getting to sleep tonight and that provided the cure ;)

PS: how posh do you sound, love?

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

fab tutorial :D
I have linked you on my post for Renekahs blog hop as I'm using utee on my project :D

Good louck with those boards :D
J xx

Sandra Hall said...

Mmmm 13 new boards....I guess you'll just have to think of it like this Dy, you got to play with all those new goodies (which look divine BTW!)

Laura (Faerielore) said...

i never find anything that i put in places to keep safe hahahahaha

DGgirl said...

Great demo Dyan - thanks so much for putting it up. You make it look sooo easy!

Definitely feel inspired and definitely need that set of perfect Pearls - gorgeous colours.


Jude said...

So much to comment on!! Haven't been around much this week - hardly been on the 'puter at all and since Harry dropped my iphone in his soup (aaargh!!!) I've not had that to check out blogland while I'm dashing about...

Anyway, the weekend looked fab, did manage a sneaky peek at Kirsty Wiseman's post on it and thought it was the perfect birthday/Mother's Day celebration. Beautiful scenery and a gorgeous cottage with great company - job done.

The shop looks ace, can't wait to explore...and spend! Glad that your Cowboy collection is growing - Paul has the mug and NO-ONE else is allowed to use it! Love the new bedding, very opulent and your birthday presents are gorgeous - especially like the wings.

Fantastic journal pages, as always. And Plan B was a nice surprise at the end!! Sad news that the dragon is still being held but it looks like it's being treated well and I'm sure it's only a matter of time..!

And as for the CHA video...lovely start to the day hearing your (posh) voice! "Your pad should always be juicy..." Wise words. xx

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing. It is amazing what you can do with the Perfect Pearls! I loved, loved, loved the 2 tags. They are beautiful! I can't wait to try that.

Kirsti said...

Wow very posh video hun... didn't have time to watch yesterday - love the 'voice'....may have to use that technique on some bits I have to do before going on

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

OMG how bad are my typos!!!
must spell check before posting!!!
J xx

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