Sunday, March 28, 2010

short but sweet

my weekend ladies were fabulous, I, however, am ready for the knackers yard..!!!! I am coming down with something fast so I am off to bed with a Wispa bar and a packet of antibiotics. Prepare for the Fabby Dabby update tomorrow.

I,ll leave you with this link to my gorgeous girly , the one and only Dina Wakley. If you click HERE you will find an awesome video of her using colourwash, and you,ll also find links to her fabby online classes. As soon as I have managed to restock the country with curly wurly's and Star bars, she will be trip trapping over the water to come teach you all again. Yayy

Enjoy xx


Dolly said...

Hope you feel better with good rest. :-))

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh, thanks for the link. She is fabulous isn't she? I NEED to go to her next workshop. I smiled very nicely at my boss and he's going to let me have the day off
:-)) Clearly I have been a very good girl LOL!!
LOVE the new shop and workshop area and couldn't resist another Stampotique stamp today. Oops. Have also booked in for the next journaling day in May, can't wait.
Ciao. Hope you feel well soon.

olive said...

watch the tutorial.... still amazing. hope Dina comes back soon!! get yourself better.... ciao

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Dyan, just wanted to thank you for a fabby dabby weekend, it was wonderful ;) I am disappointed and somewhat surprised though that there was no handout on how to use your stickers that have no adhesive, I'm sure this must have been a pure oversight on your part. Also I'd like to make a suggestion - please source hammocks for hamsters asap as I found it totally incomprehensible that you do not already sell them!! I mean, really, come on! They will be a sell-out. LOL
Hope you feel better tomorrow, I'm sure the Wispa will help ;)
Anne xx

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