Saturday, March 20, 2010

And we're off...!!!

So here we go, Day one of the Harrogate Show, a cold and rainy start to the morning, but a fabby crowd for the early morning workshop I was teaching. After a quick cuppa and a muffin we were off. As usual I am running round like a whirling dervish, trying to educate, entertain, inform, assist and behave, lol....

aww bless, she is only 7 yrs old and assisted by her Grandma she did a fantastic job, definitely an artist in the making.

Is that the lovely Paula Pascal sneeking a peek..???

Ooh Our Em,s and Bezzie Su seem to be on a Tea break..!!!

Hmmm, Our Em's and Sexy Susie, ever alert and ready for action...!!!!

Oh...maybe not...!!!! lmao

How cool does the lovely Maisie look...?

Just love her  bag decorations..

She made them herself, from items embedded into clear UTEE, into a bottle cap. Great aren,t they..???

Don,t know if Bezzie Su is proposing or just stuck in that position...!!!

Yes they are my legs, honest...

Here's some of the samples I made today.

Ooooh I can be tidy when I'm demoing.

These were the hit of the day..

Bezzie Su made a tag, which started off all wrong, but ended up fabby, as you can see.

I think hysteria is setting in...

Do you think Susie has lost the will to live...??

Not quite sure what the lovely Katie did to Our Ben, but he was out for revenge...

And she was off, as fast as she could, in the opposite direction...

But he caught up with her in the end....!!!

I made a lovely fallen angel tag for Susie

 Everyone who helped us at the show today were absolutely brilliant, we couldn't and wouldn't want to manage without you. It is so special to spend the day with lovely, lovely friends who are there because they want to, not because they feel they have to. Our Emmi and Ben  give over and above at every show, and I love them to death..  The lovely Katie is always a pleasure to have around and brighten the day. Sexy Susie travelled for 2 hrs to help and she is so fabby with the customers. Bezzie Su keeps us all amused with her antics and is in training for my job...!! The lovely Anita who was Ben's chief bag packer and assistant.
Also big thankyou to the lovely Pam for helping set up yesterday. I love you all. Mwah, mwah, mwah..XXX

As for me, I have had a brill day, playing ( sorry I mean working very hard...!!! ) and I am now worn out. I am sat on the couch in my jammies, watching my fave prison documentaries and crunching Hula Hoops off my fingertips...I am not really enjoying it of course, I am just regenerating in readiness for a beaut day tomorrow. If you are a blog follower, please come and say hello, it is always nice to put names to faces. If you happen to have a cup of tea, no sugar, in your hand, then all the better, lol...

Oooh nearly forgot I got a gorgeous gift off a friend today. I think its beaut...just my thing..

I would tell you who she is but she has banned me as she gets all embarassed about it. So all I will say is her name ends in L, starts with G and has a L and a I in the middle, lol.

It is an anthology of inspirational and life affirming thoughts, to offer an optimistic view of our human existence. Heres an example. Can see this book will be well thumbed.

Ooh sorry about that, he must have slipped in by mistake..!!!! But whilst hes there, that reminds me, if any of you have one of these living next door to you, and hes on the availability list, just lasso him and send him my way.   Please....and in anticipation...... Thankyou, lmao.

tomorrow might just be a quick blog, because as soon as the show is broken down, I am hotfooting it down the A1 to go see Paloma Faith with the lovely Sexy Susie.  Can,t blooming wait.....

Enjoy XX


Angela Weimer said...

Oooh Can't wait till tomorrow am....

Siobhan Brignull said...

its just plain teasing showing us a brill show so far away, and my gaydar tells me horse man might bat for the other side. . . lol

Unknown said...

Dyan, I am a sharing person, but I am telling you, girl--I am not sure if I had someone like that living next door that I would share him! (smile)

thekathrynwheel said...

Love Paloma Faith, but love the cowboy even more :-))) Now, where did you find him?! See you today at the show x

Kirsti said...

Soooo busy!!! and yeah like Shirley said I am a sharing kinda gal too but I don't think I would share someone like that either....;-)...have fun

JaneyB said...

Cowboy Chris is my brother! Did I never mention him to you!! LMAO! Next time i'm over for a class I'll get him to give me a ride over his trusty steed!

Emma (metalicbutterfly) said...

Hi Dyan

I would like to say a huge thanks to you for you beautiful demo's yesterday my self and my friend Kirsten visited your demo's twice yesterday (we were the ones asking about cut and dry and blending nr the!) and I know you made a big impact on Kirsten she loved the whole bright grunge effect and the journaling,
Thanks for showings us your techniques and having the patience to do so,we were inspired and hopefully you will be seeing us soon on one of your workshops!!!!

Emma <a href=">(metalicbutterfly)</a>

cannycrafter said...

Great to see you yesterday! LOve all those yummy new inks!!

YourValuedAssistant said...

I think he bats for the other side too :-( but if he didn't and lived next door to me trust me lovie, by the time I'd finsihed with him he'd have no energy left for anyone else!! Lol!! xx

Unknown said...

Oh My goodness ... where did you find that photo of my hubby? ... he is usually always camera shy :0)

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