Sunday, March 7, 2010


Do you remember me telling you about the lovely Ann-Marie who had to miss the last weekend because she had mumps. Well she made it this time, and I just had to show you the page she had journaled on.

Just love the picture she found.!!! Well she is sad no more and is loving what we are up to. When she got home she decided to make us all some cupcakes. Her very first attempt and they were gorgeous, well done doll...

Here are the rest of them, a;ll hard at it

On second thoughts they don't actually look as though they are actually doing anything, do they..??? lol

They were a brilliant group and they all got into the swing of things. Yesterday is always the hardest day, with a lot of soul searching and waiting for the "aha.!!" nmoment. Today is all about, chilling, going with the flow and bringing it all together.

Here they all are passing out, after recieving the highest attainable accolade known to man and beast.. Oh yes its the Dyan Reaveley Certificate of Prattology. Only awarded to those achieving excellent skills in pratting around. As you can imagine many were speechless and unable to utter their acceptance speeches.. lmao.

The lovely Lynn, who like a sponge soaked it all up.

The lovely Liz, such a darling, love her to bits.

The lovely Michelle, who appears quiet, but her pages imply otherwise..!!

The lovely Jane/Verity .  Good versus bad, quiet versus loud, OCD versus total abandonment. Typical Pisces eh. love ya loads x

The lovely Gill. Who "got it" and let it out yesterday. You go girl.

The lovely Ann. bringer of birthday cake and Thorntons chocolate cherry creams. Will be thinking of you.

The lovely Maria, new to the studio and according to her friends, she has never been this quiet.!!

The lovely Diane, maker of above cake and "rock " to all. Even rocks need something to cling to now and again. At least your greenery will thrive with all the sunshine you contain.

The lovely Mandy, what can I say..?? So so funny...a pleasure to teach, a pleasure to spend time with, a pleasure to make cry..!!!! lol

The lovely Lyn, I thought she had moved in as the new lodger, but unfortunately she has to go home to her hubby on the Isle of Man.. Thanks a lot doll, safe flight tomorrow and hurry back soon. x

The lovely Ann Marie, you were soooo fun to be with, your journaling is fab, your haircut, really suits you and your cupcakes were the best.

The lovely Joy, slowly getting to know her a bit more, wicked sense of humour and cool journal pages.

And someone actually taller than me, the lovely Emma. What can I say..??? She is lovely jubbly, too giving to others, and needs to make more time for herself, May have to insist weekly visits for tea and gossip.!!

So thats it all over for another 6 weeks. Can't wait.

Also had a visit from one of my bezzies, Sexy Susie, just look at this....

Yes they are legs, you are not hallucinating..!!!  She also brought with her the one and only "Mr F". Luckily he was in his van, amazingly he just happened to have his tools and surprisingly he was easily conned, err I mean" persuaded" to do some little jobs. He was an absolute doll and single handedly slat walled the new shop for us..

A few photos of the new place at bout 2pm.

And this is the progress.

This is my very dear friend and pratting atound partner, David, or Sex God, as he prefers to be introduced as, lmao. He is a very successful businessman and gave up an afternoons golfing to emty shelves, carry boxes and get covered in dust, all for the pricely sum of 1 can of Dandelion and burdoch, 2 cup cakes, 3 chocolate biscuits and a partridge in a pear tree...!!

Emmi and I had a cool way of spreading the load.

And this is unfortunately what the  original shop is starting to look like..!!

See you all tomorrows

Enjoy xx


Karen S said...

Hi Dyan, Ben & Emmi
Hope the move goes well this week. The new studio is looking fab. Looks like you've made a great start already!! Can't wait to see it all when it's done. Will be with you there for Ranger U weekend.
Karen x

SueC said...

Hey - this new shop is looking a bit too smart and a bit too much like everyone else's and not the Dyan-type place I have always aspired to having myself - what's going on??? Are you going upmarket - will we still see the doodled loos??? and rummag-ey places that I always love to mooch in? Is anyone else out there with me on this??? Huh??
Hope you have a good moving day
Love n hugs Sue x

JaneyB said...

Phew!!!! What a week it's been what with Dina's class and then the beginners' art journalling weekend. The mini now automatically turns right out of my drive and if I try to turn left it sits there coughing and spluttering and basically paddying to go to AFTH!! Know the feeling!!
What a fab week I've had. Dina's was amazing, but the journalling weekend was the cherry on that scrummy birthday cake that 2 of the ladies brought for Dyan.
Thank you so so so much!
When we arrived on Friday night and
I looked around the table at the faces of all these women I'd never met before, I could never have predicted that come Sunday I would feel such a bond with them all! The class is like the purest form of therapy - and anyone who hasn't plucked up the courage to do it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
It didn't matter whether or not we shared our deepest feelings, fears or hurts, it didn't matter whether we cried, laughed or not, what was screamingly obvious was that we were all women of substance, each trying to make our own way, each carrying burdens of some shape or form, but ALL SURVIVORS!. I felt such a camaraderie with the other women that come the end of the weekend I was really sorry to say goodbye.
Life is very hard at times for all of us, it's just such a blessing to have a place to come where we can feel safe to share, safe to cry, or safe to just listen. That's down to you Dyan, so thanks for that, I'm very grateful!
And for the women with heavy loads to carry at the moment, then I wish you well and will be thinking of you. For the women who have already carried heavy loads and often have reminders of them, don't forget you are strong and have made it through so far! For the women who think their loads are lighter than everyone else's, continue to be thankful and I thank you for supporting the others!
No, what was it I wanted to say?? Oh, yes, that's it, THANKYOU DYLAN from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom. Love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jude said...

The Art Journalling newbies looked like they had a blast - took me right back! The mumps image is fantastic, glad Ann-Marie is all better. Can't wait to see the new space, would have been there with bells on helping if we lived a bit closer - will be thinking of you today! xxx

Unknown said...

Whats up too scared to show the picture of me because im sooooo tall!!!! lol, girl could get a complex as the only one not to have her pratology certificate ceremony on show! Seriously though it was a fantastic weekend and i may well have to take you up on your offer of weekly tea and gossip! thanks again, love you lots

olive said...

the new shop is looking good... cant wait to see it... more products for me to spend my (lee's) money on!!! Ciao

Angela Weimer said...

Wish I could make it to help today but DH has the car and is off traveling for work again. Hope it all goes smooth and is done quickly for ya. Cannot wait to see the new place.

I also forgot I got a bounce back on my comment last week so I just wanted to say it again. the class on Monday was wonderful. Belle had a great time. thanks again. I posted pics of my finished book on my blog.

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW - The new shop is looking FAB !!!! cant wait to see it all finished and the class looked great fun xxxx

Lynne said...

Dyan, congrats on moving into your new studio!!! It certainly looks like you had some generous help!! Congrats again!!!

Sandra Hall said...

I would rather have been slogging my guts out for you today than where I actually was! Hope everything went smoothly...cannot wait to visit the snazzy new studio. x x

maggie warke said...

Good Luck with the move. Cant wait to get back to Harrogate to see it some time. It looks fab expecially with all that daylight coming thro the windows! Hopefully be able to book a week end soon I'm just not quick enough! Enjoy your new studio and shop. x maggie

Siobhan Brignull said...

thank god you're getting bigger and better otherwise those last pics would be well sad, looks a great space, soon be brimfull though I expect

patcrafts said...

The new studio is looking fabulous and I'm really looking forward to working in a studio with windows, I never told you I suffer from claustrophobia LOL but true. Sorry I can't be there to give a hand but I work Mondays and Tuesdays that's why we are having the journal class on Wednesday.
Good luck with the move hope everything goes to plan and happy birthday, mine on Monday.
Hugs Pat x

Rhayne said...

The new space is coming along! It looks nothing like the shops around here... so open and products are looking accessible. Of course, I know you're not fully moved in so that may well change :o)

I had to see where your shop is in case I found myself with some free time during our upcoming vacation to England. It looks like you're pretty far from my in-laws... how long does it take you to get to London?

I've really enjoyed stalking you and you've single-handedly convinced me to try out art journaling. I would really love to swing by to see you... I'd feel a bit less like a stalker then :o)

And while I'm being so brave and actually commenting, have you thought about making some b&w downloadable art ephemera? I love your quirky style but sometimes would like different colors :o)

Valencia said...

The new studio is looking fab will see it in May when we stop by for part two atr journaling If I lived closer I would have been there to help with the move .I am sure everyone will feel proud of the fact they have been a small cog in the big wheel of this move if they have helped and it will all be worth while in the long run cant wait to come back see ya Valencia

Valencia said...

Hi Dyan new place looking good it must have been such hard work moving everything but will be worth it in the end.See you in part two art journaling in May see ya Valencia

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