Friday, March 19, 2010

I want my baby back......

Well they are taunting me now...At this rate he won,t ever want to come home, and how heartbroken will I be then..???

I think I may need to organise a mercy mission to Arizona and re claim him...You have been warned...!!!! Btw, are there any cowboys in Arizona...???

Ok need to dash off again sorry, Show starts tomorrow and I,ve still tons to do, as usual. Don't get me wrong, everythings done that needed to be done, but with my OCD I have to constantly tweak it  and tweak it and tweak it, lol.

will leave you with this gem from sports relief.. So frikkin funny.

Enjoy XX


Diane said...

Have a great show at Harrogate, Dyan!
Diane x

Ann said...

Hope the Show goes well. Sorry I can't be there. Axx

cockney blonde said...

Hope the show goes well. I'm happy to volunteer for the rescue mission to Arizona, lol. You'll need to take a nurse just in case....

The Scrappy Tree said...

Go Smithy!! How good was Sport Relief?? Was just amazed, particularly by my utter fave Eddie Izzard!

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