Monday, March 15, 2010


Yayyyy am back, am knackered, am overwhelmed....will update asap.   Weekend was fabby, dragon still held hostage...!!!!! XX


Laura (Faerielore) said...

Now this is definately the shortest post ever !!!! hehehehe glad you have a fab weekend relaxing xxxx

Kirsti said...

Wow - where's the rest.....LM(WS)AO....!!!!....xoxo

Chris Steer said...

I can't believe you've been able to leave such a little post!!! lol no doubt you'll make up for it. Glad you had a super weekend you deserve it.


Chris xx

cockney blonde said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Got the message re tomorrow's workshop, don't worry about it, just try and chill out.....what am I talking about?*?*?*
Luv, Alison aka cockney blonde, Bradford

Virginia said...

Ok even I can't write war and peace on that or can I- glad to hear the weekend went well - you were as suspected missing in action - just so you know Melanie and my Mum have finally got a blog my Mum's is and Melanie's is

not sure how successful Melanie will be to keep her's up to date but you may get multi ramblings from my Mum due to semi retirement - she rang me today to say she's managed to put a photo on it on her own - which means she's done multiple blog posts today!

Ah well didn't think I could do war and peace on this but then again LOL!

Can't wait to find out how the rounders game in your pj's went!


Lynne said...

I know, you just want us to come back & see if you post...right? LOL
So sorry about dragon. Maybe we ought to do a petition!!!

Jude said...

Hello!! Can't wait to read all about it...xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

thank you for this weekend, it was just the tonic i needed and I came home with a less than heavy heart then when i left :)

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