Thursday, March 4, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...!!!!

Paper Doll fashion books

Vintage images

Beautiful perfumes from the gorgeous Susie

Portfolio Oil pastels, sooooo creamy..

Pocket scrabble at a bargain price for the weekend

Parcels addressed like this

and the contents...

New books in the shop

Magazines just in at the news stand

My stripy socks

new magazines from the lovely Wendy ( stamp attic )

corset from the early 1700's

and a wooden dress by designer Yojhi Yamanoto

My bestest best book of the moment.

full of quirky and useful sayings

Diet Cherry Coke

New colours of one of my fave pens

1956 original copy of My Home

Stacks of stencils for spraying

and Barn Door Distress ink pad


Whats rocking your world..???

Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Check out all that vintage stuff.... there seems to be a bit of a theme going on in Blogland just now... It's all very lovely... was in the charity shop yesterday and had my eye on a gorgeous vintage big pot type thing on a plate but Niamh was pulling me away say she wanted her if it will still be there today...xoxo

SueC said...

Wow! what a lot of beautiful things...and aren't the corsets just sooo gorgeous. Bet they are todays size zero! I collect beautiful perfume bottles - have loads...but in all this where's the chocolate??? Lol!
Sue x

Jude said...

Love lists of lovely things - beautiful, random and insightful... Lots rockin' my world right now - the list includes the new collection at All Saints, the new collection at AP, the new collection at FC, denim Ugg boots, Sailor Jerry Rum (love the illustrations on the bottles), my newly dyed glossy hair, cranberry and orange muffins, American Craft Thickers and - wait for it - caravans. I could go on but it's time to take my newly done hair out into the pouring rain for the school run!! xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

love a bit of vintage, those corsets are stunning, theres quite a bit id like to say f**k it too hehehehehe theres so much rocking my world at the moment, looking forward to exciting holidays this year, including paris for my 1st wedding anniversary then backpacking from india to nepal later in the year. Going to awesome music festivals with friends and generally living life to the full, after all i only get one xxxx

Unknown said...

Bundled Sage, You know who, The new Stampotique stamps, Wendy Vecchi and Maltesers all rock my world!

olive said...

I love the glamour of the 40's & 50's, love fashion books, books on graffiti, red lipstick, anything bling, good friends, people who make me laugh and anything craft related.. especially those items I cant afford! Shock, horror, where's the chocolate mention? I adore your socks, can a girl ask where you get them from?? Have a productive weekend and wave your magic wand.... Ciao

Carmen said...

What's rocking my world today is soft tissues, lemsip, hot sweet tea and a wish for being able to breathe freely through my nose :P

Otherwise... Alice Cooper, (strongly) scented candles, new books, Malteasers, Bloggy friends and ... yup hot sweet tea still on there ;)

Virginia said...

What's rocking my world today - a clean bathroom, a hoovered house, True Blood DVD blaring in the background whilst no-ones in the house, washing drying on the line, a day off from work - WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - a circle journal entry finished and repackaged ready to go! Coffee made with hot milk, time on my own, a family get together tomorrow to chat and ART JOURNAL. A belated gift almost done, a Friday evening stretching out in front of us, my hubby searching for cool magazines to use in art journaling during his lunch hour, a chat with my Mum on the phone, Alice out at the cinema, just over an hour before the men in my life are home and thanking God I'm alive!

The Scrappy Tree said...

All cool stuff! Loving that list Dy :)

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