Wednesday, March 24, 2010

slowly slowly catchy monkey...!!!

Aaaargh, they are using underhand tactics now. Not only are they feeding him well, they have also given him a substitute Mum. This is Coco, Marios bird.
Look at them both having their lunch in Tim's studio...
And for once Coco seems speechless...!!!

I hope Coco doesn,t try to eat him..!!!  I am paying the ransom, bit by bit, as I raise it, but it may take a while. Never fear, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve as yet...!!!!  Consider that a warning, and be afraid, be very afraid...!!!!!

Its 11 mins past 10, here in the studio and look at the state of my hands.

And would you believe that is after a right good scrub..Aaah well I wont be going anywhere at this time of night, will I..??? Can you guess what I,m up to..???

This Friday sees the start of the Fabby Dabby weekend and it is also preview weekend. And what with the move, my weekend, the show, etc, etc I anm waaaaaay behind. So I am inking, spraying, sticking, painting, cutting, colouring, tearing, adorning, ripping, embellishing, journaling, punching, sewing, folding, binding, stamping, scraping, gessoing, distressing, messing and drinking Diet Cherry Coke.  Phew no wonder I'm knackered...!!!!
At  the same time we are still not fully moved, with boxes everywhere - old place, new place, corridor, shop, store room, spare room, on tables, under tables, in the van, in the car.....Isn't it amazing that the one time we need to be a little bit calm, then business goes absofrikkinlutely barmy...!!!!  We are having the busiest month ever. Brilliant, yeah.....but how are you supposed to relocate at the same time..??? Answers on the back of a grunge board letter......
Luckily I have the amazing Ali, who has moved in to divide and conquer. A place for everything and everything in its place..!!!! Not that I have a frikkin clue where that is, mind..!!!!  She has been joined lately by the lovely Anita and the lovely Teresa, who are also proving to be little gems. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, I don't know how to express how much it means to me to have such help. Just the fact that you are all there enables me to get on with what I need to be doing to keep the business going. Mwah, mwah, mwah XXX

Heres a journal page that I did at the show.

Think that's me to a T don't you...???

Oops, yesterday I forgot to give you a link to the lovely Connies blog, where I purloined that fabulous quote. You will find it HERE. Its a really cool blog that I go look at all the time.

Enjoy XX


Virginia said...

I can see a case of Stockholm syndrome coming on if they carry on with this ransom business much longer. You may have to look at therapy for the poor thing when he arrives back or maybe just a weekend Art Journaling will do the trick! I was so amazed with your move and new studio pictures that I assumed you were all done - but then I saw your post saying that you were packing for the Great Northern Papercraft Show and I thought - shop in a box? it's only just been unpacked and now it's wandering off around the corner for a few days so I did wonder if it was going to end in masses and masses of boxes! It's cool that you've got some fabulous help, if you didn't live so far and I was that run off my feet at work I'd come and help - so I'm sending you happy tidy thoughts today which may aid your helpers! Love the art work you did a the show - those stamps are to die for!


Little Miss War and Peace (actually I don't think it's too bad this morning - hold on - nope scanned back up to the top I think this could be classed short and sweet)

Sandra Hall said...

Those painty inky hands look mighty interesting!
Love that journal page...I think I'm having AFTH withdrawal symptoms, so I'm hoping to get to the preview this Saturday, CAN'T WAIT to see your new place...
BTW, what IS the ransom you're having to pay??? And at least they're looking after him - he's got food and company!

Lynne said...

Love the journal page, colors are gorgeous!! Sentiment is perfect!!!

Laura (Faerielore) said...

hehehehehe your poor baby, will you ever get him back !!!! the escapades of the dragon always brings a smile to my face hehehehe glad business is going well darling, with all the hard work you put it, it is well deserved :) and these pages are FAB xxxx

Jude said...

Yeah...what is the ransom? Maybe we could have a whipround...or a campaign!?! I'm thinking 'Free the Dragon' t-shirts and some sort of TV ad on QVC...xx

Kaz said...

Yep, it sounds like you,, but also like me!
I'm finding the kidnap pics really funny, but of course am in total sympathy for you! I hope that he's going to be looked after while they are away this weekend. Somehow I feel that is going to be one very well travelled dragon!1 xx

Lizziski said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog. You give me such inspiration. I'm only a newbie but I hope to learn a lot about art journaling. Have discovered your shop recently too and I LOVE it! Good luck with the move

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