Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Divine Diva Dina Wakley

EDIT *** oops published without finishing...hope this is not going to be a recurring theme..!!!

Oooooh where do I begin. What a fantastic day we have had today. We woke up to a covering of snow, again. I got a cup of tea in bed from Our Tom  and I treatesd Lyn to 15 mins of Jeremy Kyle whilst applying our slap..Then we shot off ( or ice skated!!) to get Dina and Our Ben. Into the studio, crank up the heating, fill the kettles and wait for the students to pile in.  Snow stopped play for a while as many of the students where stuck in traffic, but eventually everyone got a cuppa and we were off.

I was a student for the day, which felt really strange but I tried to behave honest..!!!  Dina is an absolute darling. I have taken one of her online classes before, Journaling 301 (highly recommended) , but there is a defference berween an artist and a tutor.!! Thankfully she excels at both. She manages to convey her instructions in such a way that all understand where she is coming from and where she wants us to get to. All delivered with a wicked sense of humour and a thoroughly relaxed attitude. She soon had the class hanging on her every word, and was easily coaxing fantastic art from every one..

We gessoed, we painted , we sanded, we masked, we sprayed, we stencilled,

we wrote, we outlined, we dabbed, we splattered, we surface textured

Heres Sandra and Jane

Think you could have skipped the manicure..lol

Heres a few pages from one of Dina,s journals.

The lovely Lyn who is staying with me brought with her a local island delicacy....

The packaging states that "sizes of knobs will vary, much as in life"...hilarious ...

This is how my finished pages turned out...

So class finished, class went home happy, Dina went out with some peeps she met at the weekend. Then we
ha the kids workshop, beautifully instructed by Pam, thanks babe x  No rooner than the kids disappeared rhan the ladies arrived for their class.. Then it was shopping,. home, bath, blog...and we will do it all again tomorrow, lmao - not.!!!

Oh by the way, my birthday is not until Wed 10th March, rol on,


Jude said...

That looked SO cool!! I love Dina's style...have decided to do her online Journalling 101. Lovely to see Sandra there enjoying herself too - can't wait to get back!! xx

flutterbycrafter said...

It's just not fair!!! I'm fed up, what a fabulous day you all had. I should have been there, this blasted illness. Still I was there with you all in spirit. When I;m better you're going to have to do a workshop to show me how. I am so envious of you all. Have a super day today, but I know you will and hope to see you soon. xx PS Your pages are just stunning

ForgedinPaper said...

Oh those pages are just so lush. Wish I was there :-(. Glad you had some fun as a student for a change.

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Well I seem to be losing the beginning of my weeks every week at the moment - WTF - primarily a long day on a Monday and a longer day on a Tuesday add in year end and month end, VAT and counting stock it's complete bedlam at the minute, life is as hectic as yours just less creative and added to boot on the way home from the volunteering group last night a car saw fit to come over the hill towards me on my side of the road despite the double white lines - not sure who was in the car with me but we missed with inches to spare, got home and set off bawling and what did my hubby do - well other than lots of hugs and kisses he made me a cup of tea, my tea to eat and then set about setting the table up for a bit of art journaling despite the late hour saying "I thought you might want a rant!" and rant I did and thankfully then had a restful nights sleep - amazing really what this art journaling can do - although the prompts come from my year in the life of an art journal I'm not sure the prompts were supposed to be used the way I used them but hey - what does it matter! Your classes over the last couple of days look awesome! The lovely Lance seemed to have everyone hypnotised and those journal pages are absolutely gorgeous most envious and the lovely Sandra was there again - you all look like you had a fabulous time! Hope you are all well my Mum is art journaling the world and Mel well Mel has herself a boyfriend at the minute so she hasn't 'time' LMAO! Sending the biggest hugs to an awesome lady hope you have a great day (decided to tell everyone I meet how I feel about them rather than just thinking it - technically after last nights little episode on the road I very nearly wasn't here this morning!)

Virginia (Little Miss War and Peace)

Kirsti said...

Wow - Did I tell that I sooooo wanted to be there...LM(WS)AO..... Once I come back from sunny Tenerife I am going to do her Grafitti class as I will be away when she is doing the live online 101.... Once again Lance was a blast and we had a fabby dabby time with him... He is so funny and I even won a star prize - yipeeee... have a great day...xoxo

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW Dy these pages are FAB !!!!! and eveyone looks like there having such a great time, i wish i lived closer so i could come to these classes !!!!

Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

I'm so jealous. Couldn't book these or Claudine's as I was waiting for an op date from hospital. Typical,the date is later in March and I've got leave to use up so I could have come if it wasn't sold out. Boo Hoo.

olive said...

wow what a fantastic day I had... Dina absolutely awesome... loved the techniques... had fun.... as always. thanks Dyan and Dina. Ciao xx

Anonymous said...

The classes always look so interesting and fun - wish I lived closer so I could come to one!
Shell x

Dina said...

Holy freak, I need to lose weight.

I adore, adored you Dyan and your store and your friends who came to the workshop and Harrogate and England and everything. :)

Thanks for being so kind and gracious and understanding!! Loved every second of it & can't wait to come back.

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