Monday, April 13, 2009

Loving it, loving it, loving it.....

Easter Monday and the sun was shining through the blinds from early morning. What happened there..?? I was still gripped with the gardening bug and so we all decamped outside. My gorgeous little Maisie was here for the day and decided to do some entertaining of her own.

This is little Rubes, one of her bezzie friends.

Oops !!

I spent most of the day finishing off my pots that I started.

My Camellia has bloomed, isn't it gorgeous? My favourite Uncle died of lung cancer and mum bought us all a camellia to remember him by. This is the first time that it has ever flowered and I feel it was sent especially from her .

It spurred me on and I actually finished 37 pots. Can you tell the garden was over due for my attention??

Many of you know about my little passion for buddhas. Spotted this little beauty at the local garden centre and couldn't resist.

The girlies came round for food, and we cooked a massive Sunday dinner, which we ate as though we were frightened it would suddenly disappear..!!! lmao. You know I could really get used to this having days off lark, lol. And I,ve still got one more to go..Yayy!!!
Lots of you have been asking about Tom,s back so here goes.
Apparently him and the girlies were having a jolly old time in Pitcher and Piano, and decided to have a little dance. Well not sure who slipped first but it ended with them all tumbling over. Tom unfortunately landed onto smashed glass and had a large piece embedded in his back..!!! It wouldn't stop bleeding and was swelling alarmingly. So without further ado we were off to the local hospital. Luckily x-rays showed no further pieces of glass and he was soon stitched up. Well a bank Holiday wouldn't be the same without a slight crisis, would it..??
Enjoy xx


Traceyr said...

Well done Dyan on all your repotting. You do need a day off to get over all that hard work. Hope you enjoy your final day off tomorrow. :)

borgqueen said...

loving it too (the sound of your weekend that is!) - think of the rest of us who are back at work tomorrow and enjoy your bonus day all the more so ;o) you deserve it babe.
Cant wait to see all those pots in bloom.

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan, Sounds like you had a very eventful few days.
You will need another couple of days to recover.:-)
Hope Tom is not in too much pain.
The pots look lovely, I feel guilty now I should have done some work in the garden myself.
Maybe next week, although thats what I said last week. lol :-)
Michelle xx

Paper Paradise said...

About time you had some days off Dyan. You work so damn hard ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!!!! You have obviously had a good time, and well deserved. You must do it more often.
Sue x

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