Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sleep deprivation!!

Just a quickie tonight. I am desperate for some sleep and need to give in to it before the urge escapes me lol, Just wanted to show you some more pressies. This arrived in the post yesterday. Nice tag, bit of inking, masking and stamping...

And it was attached to this. Yayy!! a roll of metal tape. This was sent to me buy the lovely Annaliese . She attended the last Ranger weekend were I was moaning I couldn't get hold of any. Thanks babe xx

The lovely Ann sent me this lavender bag to help aid restful sleep. Lets see if it does the trick.

And the lovely Glynis became teachers pet on today's journal class with this cool mug.

Just another little sneak peek , ready for preview weekend.

Just wanted to mention that due to the lift fiasco, we are a little behind with some of the web orders. Also, the stock levels on the web are not very accurate at the moment. Because a lot of the stock was stuck in boxes in the van we have struggled to monitor what has sold out. Really sorry if you have ordered something and we have run out, but I hope you understand.
OK off to paint nails and then hopefully to a lavender induced sleep, lol xx


Ann said...

Hope the bag helps - it's actually hops and lavender. Hops are actually more soporific but don't smell too good on their own! Have a great weekend - wish I could br there.
Derbyshire Ann

Siobhan Brignull said...

glad you got your tape Dylan, is it the stainless steel, oops I mean alluminium, I searched for ages to get mine and got it off ebay in the end for a fairly reasonable price, for when you next need some, have agreat weekend, have to go now wine bottle calling me, Siobhan

Anneliese said...

Hi dyan
Glad you got it ok :D xx & thanks for the link :)
for anyone who wants some it is duct tape used for loft insulation .. ask for it in your local diy/hardware store :D

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