Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red rubber, red Tab.

Well as you can see the day didn't get off to the best of starts. I really prefer them hard boiled but you cant have it all your own way, can you..??

So was the first day back going to turn into a real nightmare then..?? No not at all, it went like a dream. I had a kids day today and they were fantastic. We did the garden canvas and it didn't faze them one iota. The leaves and vines which in the past have nearly reduced grown women to tears where attacked with vigour. Don't you just love that about kids, you tell them they can achieve something and they don't question you , they just get on with it, lol.Here's the finished results.

Talking of big kids, bezzie Su was lurking in a corner playing...!!

And my able assistant for the day was Ben's girlfriend, the lovely Katie. Thanks darling. xx

The day was topped off by me, Ben and Katie all going out for tea at the fabulous Brios. My fave..!! At the end of the night I was absolutely shattered. This working lark gets to you, doesn't it..?? lmao

Big, big, big delivery came today. Yayys..!! All the restocks of the Tim Holtz stamps are currently gracing the shop. We did have a massive pre-order list and so made sure we ordered tons for you. I cant believe how fast we sell out of these all the time. Mind you , I personally own every one so I know , that" a girls gotta have what a girls gotta have". lol. You can tell how big the order is when I tell you that the customs charge alone would have paid for me a weeks all inclusive in Egypt. The sacrifices I make for you all yeah..?? lmao.

Forgot to tell you , I purchased a real find the other day. A dark wash Red Tab Levi's denim jacket. Love it, love it, love it. I am going to live, breath , eat and sleep in it. Amazing how the little things keep you happy isn't it..??
Enjoy xx

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thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha! Cute! I keep finding hand drawn vines on scraps of paper all over my house.........!!

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