Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chester's Spring Fling

Forgot to show you this layout I got sent by the lovely Katy Harrison ( I don't actually know her but all my ladies are lovely and I bet she is no exception) lol. Its the first time she has used Blonde Moments and says she loves it. Amazing isn't it that a 4 yr old paper and stamps can still cause excitement in some. I know a lot of you feel that it is all so passe now but just goes to show that one mans poison is another mans meat...!!!

Cool isn't it. Here's a link to her blog, I hope she doesn't mind, lol. Katy . Thanks sweetie for that.

Love to see other peoples work, don't you..??

Well I spent last night snuggled in front of a log fire, very romantic uh..?? Ha ha . I tell you what, I am soooo chilled out today because of it. I,m liking this new regime of making a bit of time for myself, family, friends and possibly significant others. lmao. Got all the kids and partners coming around for big Sunday dinner tonight . Was going to make a start on the housework , but with careful consideration feel that might be better tackled when they,ve all gone again..!!

I,m going to go peel all the veg whilst sat in the garden admiring my pots. How sad am I ..?? lol

Enjoy xx


Marie R said...

Spring Fling, yummy! Still my favourite!

Take care all of you

Marie x

Unknown said...

I agree spring fling is still my fav too xx I know Katy she runs a small craft class in Skipton that I began attending in December. She posted this on her blog a week or so ago and I suggested she email it to you - bless she didnt think you would be interested! The local craft shop has just begun stocking spring fling and have done a few classes with it and your pearly powders so the fan base grows daily in Craven xxx

Unknown said...

Just to let you know Dy, Katy is lovely and always has a good word. Her work is fab too.

Emma xx

The Crafts House said...

I use Blonde moments papers all the time in classes,they are happy papers!!

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