Saturday, April 4, 2009

Colour me Happy

Well preview weekend got off to a great start today. Thanks to everyone who turned out. Its always nerve wracking hoping you will love the projects I have created and a great relief when you do.
The lovely Michelle came to the Harrogate Show and was wearing a beautiful knitted corsage. I really admired it and much to my joy she made me one specially. Thanks babe. xx

Preview is still going on tomorrow as well for those who couldn't make it today. Also tomorrow is the Art Journal class. Theme tomorrow is colour. We will be talking about the meaning and effects of colour and how to use it effectively in you art journalling. I decided to make a journal that was purely based on colour. I,ll show you some of the pages tomorrow. But I will show you the covers.
Here's a sneak of the front. Painted tags onto a paint collaged background.

Inside back cover.

Back cover

And the front cover itself

I really enjoyed creating the covers and using such vibrant colours, and , no they are not Claudines paints. They are in fact Adirondack Dabbers.
Ok so hope to see you tomorrow either in the shop or on the workshop. Don't forget to bring your prettiest shoes. xx


thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooooooooh colour! My favourite! Now I'm reeaaaaally looking forward to it :-))))

susie f said...

Ooooh, loving the sneak peaks, wish I could come down this weekend but I've overdone things this week nd have an achy back!!! Hope you're saving some spaces for Mum nd I as I can start to wear my summer beauties now!!!
I'll be on the site tomorrow to book some classes so we'll see you soon

Carole Bryson said...

Oooh ooh oooh gorgeous madam ! Love that journal ... its given me an idea for something ...

Hope you're ok chicky pea.

Catch ya soon xxxxxxxxx

PS: the word verification it cutey - he ha ha how appropriate !

Marie R said...

oopps wrong again!!! Thought preview weekend was next weekend hence the email. I tell you I really am losing it!!!! Hope you had a great weekend though! x

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