Friday, April 3, 2009

The Prodigals return

Ooh what a treat yesterday. I was working from home making samples for the Preview this weekend. The sun was streaming through the windows and everything in my garden seemed rosy. I don't often see the sun as my studio has no windows and it does wonders for the soul. It was soooo nice that I spent the afternoon doing a bit of old fashioned courting. Twice around the Valley Gardens and off for a cup of tea, lol. I even broke out of my uniform of all black . Love this dress...!!

Suitably refreshed I tackled the supermarket. I had decided to invite all the kids home for a Mexican. I don't often get them all under one roof. In the last 3 mths there has only been Christmas Day and mums funeral. Amazingly they could all make it and quickly demolished the lot.

The Goddess tried to convince us all that this was sufficient, but she didn't convince any of us.

I was complaining about looking tired so she generously applied Nivea to all relevant areas. A few fall outs , lots of lip, table looking like a swarm of locusts have flown through, big kisses , loud goodbyes and they were all gone. Just like that. So house to myself, was it time to relax..?? Was it heck. The house looked like a herd of elephants had stampeded through, and strangely enough nobody seemed to remember to wash up. When exactly did I say I missed the all...?? lmao.

Got a lovely treat today, the Goddess came back from lunch with a cupcake for me. Now you all know I cant eat them, but this was no ordinary cupcake, it was a ring cupcake. How cool is that...??

Yup its a blue plastic bunny ring. Just me, lol

I,ve been having a bit of a running battle with Sky lately as Tom's multi room has stopped working. After promising to ring me back for the last 3 wks, I had had enough and played merry hell. Well apparently the reason his has not been working is it isn't connected directly to the telephone socket. What????? Its worked for the last 7 mths OK. Much to the operators amazement we do not have a telephone socket in every room of the house (does anyone??) and so an engineer was duly dispatched. I was phoned at work by our Tom going berserk about the wiring and this is what I found when I arrived home.

Yes that is a cable stretched across the top of a flight of stairs...!!!

And this is how it was left going into Tom's room. Now considering you can see the potty to the side of the wire, it is pretty obvious that there is a child in the house. So how health and safety conscious is that of Sky. So long phone calls again and yet again we are at the mercy of the engineers. And to cap it all it still doesn't even work. Aaaaaarrrgghhh.
Anyway onto preview. Yes its done without too many disasters. You can come along to the Studio and see April and May's workshops. Any classes booked at the Studio on these two days will receive a 10 % discount.

All workshops will go live on the website on Monday, and I will give you full pics here as well. So hopefully see you from 10am tomorrow. Kettles always on. xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
It's nice to get all the family together...........even if you are left with all the washing up :-)
Love the top you are wearing.
Cant believe the wires running along the top of the stairs and landing, you should e-mail the pictures to sky that really is unacceptable.
Really love your work, and would love to some day take a class with you.
The pic with the little people with the heads stuck on is really cool.
would love to make one, is there a template for the bodies??
Hope you have a great weekend.
Michelle xx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

you have got MY dress on! I cant believe all your kids had tea at yours and I PMSL at the stupid phone engineers bity of class wiring. loves you xx

Dylan said...

Hi Michelle,would love you to come over one day, to us. The outfits are some of the first Blonde Moments stamps I designed, Rusty Ranger, Doris Doolally and Fairy Nuff. You can find them on our website. I love em lolxxx

Unknown said...

Am gutted I cant make the preview weekend yet again as Im working all day both days. Was hoping to book on the website this weekend and get the 10% off boo hoo. Please tell me the canvas with the people on is on a day I am off from work Please.....

Kaz said...

I had to comment (as opposed to lurking as usual) as I am getting cross at sky for you!! How strange is that - we've never met!

I love your work I just wished I lived nearer to do your workshops so I will continue to admire from afar!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

Hi Dyan, your posts always make me smile what a mad crafty life you lead, love the bunny ring and the workmanship of the sky engineer is just amazing, ROFL, how could they leave it like that, hope you send sky the photos.
Live at other end of country so unable to visit your workshop would love to it looks great fun, are you at ALly Pally this year doing any workshops, then I could come and play.
Will pop in every now and then to cheer myself up reading your posts, have a good one, Siobhan

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