Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colour my world with rowdyness..!!

Ooh ran out of time to post last night, sorry about that. Well Fridays Star Book class was a scream. It was extremely lively to say the least, with some fabby characters on it. Its a good job that I had had some days off and was fully rested. Mind you after it had finished I felt like I needed five more days off..!! lol. They certainly kept me on my toes and if I hadn't kept a tight rein on them we would never have finished. But we had great fun and we laughed all day long, they are the best workshops aren't they..?? When you produce a fabulous product and really enjoy yourself at the same time. Two of the culprits were two lovely sisters Denny and Sue. They are really enthusiastic and excitable and we are going to rename them giddy and giddier..!!! Here's a fab pair of shoes that Sue brought for Shoe watch.
Jimmy Choo - can anyone beat that I wonder...??
Here's the Star Book we were making. The class was a sell out for the second time. Unfortunately it was that busy I forgot all about taking pictures of the students. Sorry girls. Plus I know I said that you were all banned from future classes, I was only joking , you were a delight and a pleasure to teach.
This is the colourway that the students were working with. It is Black Market Paper Society, Lucky in Love the inks are Adirondack Pool and Espresso, Coffee Archival, and the stamps are all from the Tim Holtz range by Stampers Anonymous.

Here it is in another colourway, again from Black Market Paper Society. This one is The Let It Bloom collection. The inks are Adirondack Cranberry and Hazelnut, Distress Faded Jeans and Sepia Archival.

Another Black Market Paper Society range, Letters From Paradise. The inks are Adirondack, Cranberry, Butterscotch and Lettuce, and Olive Archival.

Here's all three colourways together. Amazing how the colours alter the total look, isn't it..??

Talking about colours, here's some more pages from my Colour Art Journal.
First we have Grey. Not a good colour for many but I love working with these tones, so expressive.

Then Yellow, vibrant and fresh.

And lastly Blue, cool and crisp.

Tomorrow I am sticking with the colour them and preparing the next Intermediate Art Journalling class. It is based on emotions and feelings. Love it.
Talking of classes, we have had some sell outs over the last few days and we are nearing capacity on a few more. Be careful that you don't delay and miss out.
The A - Z Of Me on the 9th May is completely full, but unfortunately I don't know how to alter it on the website and I cant get hold of Ben. So even though it is showing available, there are no places left sorry.
We only have 2 places left on next Saturday 25th April 7gypsie Tag Album, and only 4 places left on Tues 25th May, Altered Canvas.
Ok hope you have a lovely Sunday, whatever you are doing
Enjoy xx


Carol Ann said...

OK I'm sorry but I have to make a complaint! Here I am up in not so sunny Edinburgh trying ma best to pretend that following all the excitement at "Dylan's Blog" is fine, I'm there following the fun and piccies but you know ... Jimmy Choo's shoes all though's fab altered boots earlier in the week are just too much I can't even book myself on a fab class ... ok, ok I'll stick with the photo's. You lot are great to read about and brighten up a sometimes thoroughly rubbish day ...thank you :) xxx

Anne Jagger said...

I really enjoyed myself Dyan.
Lovely to see you.
Take care, and thank you!!!!!!

Elaine said...

hi Dyan
just love the books - and especially the colours. Your own pages are showing that you have some of your mojo back - I am so worry about you


inkyfingers said...

I was a workshop virgin , managed to be the first person to make a mistake...aaaah! I really enjoyed the day , thanks Dyan. See you next week , Jayne x

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