Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scooooooby Dooooooby Shoes

My gorgeous little Maisie stayed over last night as usual and we had an early start this morning.
Apparently my back garden has become over run with monsters. So we set out armed with our Scooby Doo van and monster catcher. Here's the first one lured into our net.

What do we do with it now??

Lets give it to Laura to hold while we have a think.

Ooooh there's another one. Maisie was right we are over run.

Quick lets formulate a plan of action.

I know we,ll wrap them tightly in Mama's tea towel, so they cant escape.

And then we will perform a ritual banishing dance.

Well that seemed to work because by 8.15 am my garden was totally clear of monsters. If you are having trouble with them in your garden I am sure she will be only too happy to come and help.
I did a load of colour Art Journalling in the garden this morning and got sun burnt. How bad is that??? I usually seem to miss the only two days of summer that we ever have, and was so engrossed in my art I never even thought of the sun. I was fine till I got in the bath, then I knew about it,lol.
All the kids weekly workshops have started back up again, and I just wanted to show you this Work In Progress that one of my older girls is doing. Its a pair of papier mache shoes.

She covered a pair of her own shoes in cling wrap and then built the papier mache up around them. Love the relief hearts on the heel.

Here's Sophie with her shoes. I have made her promise to bring them back when they are finished so we can have a proper shoe watch.

Might have to commission a pair myself..!!
Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Fabby shoes! love to see them finished. Glad you rid your garden of monsters good job you had Maisie to help sort them out!

CoventryAnn said...

Love those shoes, they look like they belong to Minnie Mouse!!

Traceyr said...

Now this might be a silly question but how did she manage to get the shoes out from under the papier mache?


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