Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boots are back!!

What's happened to the weather..?? Its wet, cold and miserable - or maybe that's me!!! No seriously is that it..?? Is summer over for this year..?? I had to resurrect my dockers and furry knickers llmao. Ooh I,m such a lady..!!

Forgot to say 2 thank yous to the weekend ladies. First to the lovely Val on Saturday and then the lovely Sara on Sunday. Both brought me along bags of my fave , Thornton's toffees. Thanks darlings always appreciated.
So on to today's class. We were doing the large canvas. I just live this class the results are soooo funny. This is my sample with all the kids and Maisie. Fun isn't it.

This class always has to be limited in numbers as the canvas's are so big we cant fit many around the table.

Have to show you these little beauties that the lovely Jane brought along for shoe watch. They are just so cool.

I had to take this full length photo of her for you. She is so goddam co-ordinated, lol. Even her pinny is pink!!

Onto the kids class, they are finishing off their silk paintings here's some of the completed master pieces.

I,m now skiving through the Tuesday night ladies. Not really skiving , but they just don't need the benefit of my amazing experience this evening ( how redundant do I feel, sob sob). So I am writing this early whilst listening to Oleta Adams. Love her and brings back many memories. What happened to her..??


Bobs said...

I'm loving those canvasses!

PMSL @ the furry knickers! Lololol

Since breaking my toe almost 6 weeks ago, I can't wear anything but Crocs. Much as I love them, I'm dying for a change now!


gayle said...

How fab were those shoes!
Love the canvases, fun project, look great!

But where IS Oleta Adams??

Dylan said...

I know, I say that all the time. How can someone with such a fantastic voice just disappear...???

Dylan said...

Bobs , sorry to hear about your toe, hope its getting better. xx

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