Monday, April 13, 2009

Normality hits ?????

Saturday ---
Lie in - Yayy!!!
Clean House from top to bottom - not so yayy!!
Go shopping - yayy!!!
Buy lots - super yayy!!
Night out on the razz - yayy!!
Photos of the event - censored. ha ha

Sunday ---
Hangover - not so yayy!!
Starving hungry, need chocolate - yayy!!
Gorgeous weather - yayy!!
Spot unloved pots in garden - not so yayy!!
Spend a FORTUNE (seriously , how much???)
spend hours repotting - not so yayy!!
Cook for friends - yayy!!
Out on the beers - yayy!!
Spend 4 hrs in casualty with Tom having glass removed from his back - not so yayy!!

Is this what other folk do on days off ???
Enjoy xx


Clare with paint in her hair said...

4 hours in casualty!!!!!! dear oh dear sounds nasty! Hpe hes feeling better now and glad you are enjoying your time off


angie's blogspot said...

ha I just spent most of the day cutting my grass, not so yay! how did Tome get glass in his back? oh dear sounds painful. xx

Carol Ann said...

Nope it's not the way I would spend Easter but guess what my DS did too ... was "jumped on" kicked in the head umpteen times till he was unconscious luckily his fab girlfriend lay over his head and stopped further kicks to his head although she was badly bruised and has a cracked rib. DS has imprint of trainers on his face and head ... and he wonders why I worry when he goes out :( Thankfully they are both ok They were only dancing in a nightclub you would think they were safe enough?

Dylan said...

Oh Carol Ann what a nightmare hun. My boys have unfortunately been in situations like that a few times and it is frightening. His girlfriend sounds a little beauty. Hope they recover soon xx

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