Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit to Our Lady,s Chapel

Just after Mum died me and bezzie Su went for a walk down by Knaresboro river and stumbled across a little chapel carved into the rock. It has been renovated and is only open at certain times of the year. I have a fascination for icons and statues and was dying for it to reopen so that I could investigate further. It opened on Easter Sunday, so we hotfooted it down there. The chapel was carved into the rocks in 1408 and is amazing to see the workmanship.

This is the outside of the chapel. Fabby isn't it..??

It is thought that the statue of the knight is even older than the chapel. He was renovated by the Victorians and given a new face, with the biggest nose imaginable, lol. They covered the area around him with bitumen which is now causing problems to the stone. So they are raising funds to have him properly restored. I love him.

The ceiling is amazing. Where would you even think about starting to carve..??

I love the alter with its carved candles, and I lit a candle for Mum.

The statue of Our Lady in the alcove was a recent commission by well-known Yorkshire sculptor, Ian Judd. , and gives a modern twist. I have to say I have never before seen a chubby representation of Mary.

The surrounding gardens have all been beautifully planted with herbs and flowers. The new flower bed contains only "religious" flowers that tell the life story of the Virgin Mary through the symbolism of plants and flowers, ie Lily of the Valley which is "Our lady's teardrops". There is even one for "Our lady's shoes" which is Aguilegia. I took a photo of it for shoe watch , lol, but unfortunately it was too blurred.
Loved the size of this ivy though on a surrounding fence.

Su and I were discussing whether the fact we loved all this meant we were getting old and sad. But we came to the conclusion that its down to the fact that as you get older your priorities change and your inner values alter. I would have loved to have sat in there and had some serious quiet time. If you get the chance to visit, then I would highly recommend it. You can find more info HERE
Dinner with the kids was fab. They all turned up with partners in tow so the house was heaving. Half of them sat at the table inside and the other half at the table outside, and I ran in and out between mouthfuls. Well at least it will have worked off the Yorkshire puddings. Yes I know I cant really eat them , but my body is craving all sorts at the moment so I,m just giving in to it. Luckily I am working from home in the morning as my stomach will be objecting wildly. Still you cant win em all.
Ok need to go now as its Sunday and yes that means my favourite - prison documentaries. Yayy!!
Enjoy xx

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susie f said...

Looks lovely Dy and in hind sight doing something enriching is maybe what I should have done instead of siiting outside the champagne bar in Durham soaking up the sun (and the drink).

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