Friday, April 10, 2009

No talking shop

Well that it Art from the Heart are on an official 5 day holiday. No work and no talking shop allowed, ok. I am determined to live a normal life over these next few days and will report back on my progress. Today I lolled in bed till lunch, loved it sooooooo chilled, went accessory shopping and then to the pub for a girly chat. Fabby!!

Any guesses what I spent last night doing...?? lmao

Yes that's right I won, woop woop!!!

I am now sat in bed reading this weeks Grazia magazine and nibbling on Scooby Doo cookies that Maisie made especially for me. Gorgeous xx


Carol Ann said...

Enjoy your week your certainly deserve it you've cried hard worked hard and now it's time to play hard! or something like that :) P.S. not loving those bowling shoes! x

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Hope you have a lovely relaxing few days off.
Dont eat too many eggs. :-)
My baby is 1 and he is getting presents of easter eggs, he can't eat them, so i guess its up to me and Hubbie. I'm supposed to be on a diet. Boo Hoo!!
What are people thinking. Very strange.
Oh Well
Happy Easter.
Michelle xx

Diane.W. said...

Enjoy your much earned break & lots of easter eggs,lol!!! ;O)x

Ann said...

Well....... Easter is a time for new beginnings - long may it continue!
Derbyshire Ann x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

he has got such a fit botty! Tell me more about him and his cute butt!

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